14th Edition of Walkathon for Kidney Health

14th Edition of Walkathon for Kidney Health

A Walkathon was organized by Mehta Multispeciality Hospitals on Sunday 10th March 2019 at Elliot’s Beach. Celebrities like Nirosha, Director Manobala, Dadhi Balaji were present at the walkathon. 300 students from various colleges participated in this walkathon to create awareness about kidney health. This walkathon was a vivid reminder that regular simple health care facilities are available across the globe for early identification and prevention to reduce the risk of kidney disease in Children in particular.Dr.B.R.Nammalwar (Director-Pediatric Nephrology) and Dr.Kalaivani Ganesan (Consultant- Pediatric nephrologist) Dr.Mehta’s Hospitals were the organizers of this event. The tagline was “Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere”

Every year the 2nd Thursday of March is celebrated as WORLD KIDNEY DAY. This year we are celebrating the 14th edition of World Kidney Day (WKD), a yearly event focused on kidney health across the globe. This year’s theme ”Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere” reminds us that we need to take care about our kidney’s  health from an early age since adult renal disease is actually initiated in childhood.

Eight hundred and fifty million people worldwide are now estimated to have kidney diseases due to various causes. Chronic kidney diseases (CKD) cause at least 2.4 million deaths per year and is now the 6th fastest growing cause of death.

Multitude of human disorders predispose to acute or chronic renal damage termed  as acute kidney injury or chronic kidney disease respectively. Poorly controlled diabetes mellitus, hypertension, obesity, bacterial and viral infections, environmental toxins, suboptimal maternal nutrition, prematurity and congenital malformation are few among many more.  

Specifically, WKD calls on everyone to advocate for concrete preventive measures in every country to improve kidney care by encouraging everyone to adopt healthy lifestyles like access to clean water, exercise, healthy diet, tobacco control. Many types of kidney diseases can be prevented, delayed and/or kept under control when appropriate prevention measures are in place. Sensitizing every individual of the world population on these preventive measures is one among the goals of physicians who care for patients with kidney diseases. The International Society of Nephrology and other Forums of Nephrologists world over unite together on this day for the sacred mission.

The Dr.Mehta’s Hospitals at Chennai is the pioneer hospital of over 85 years, delivering quality healthcare to the general public. To honour this commitment the Department of Pediatric Nephrolgy of this Institution participates in the WKD every year. We,  in the  Department of Pediatric Nephrology of the Dr.Mehta’s  Hospital  pledge that “The best means to fight chronic kidney disease is prevention: it is thus paramount to identify and to treat possible and preventable risk factors, but reversing the tide will require concerted efforts not just from healthcare providers, but from the entire society".