Ente Keralam hosts Chaakara Festival

Ente Keralam hosts Chaakara Festival
Ente Keralam hosts Chaakara Festival

Festival menu to feature seafood delicacies from seas and backwaters of Kerala

Chennai, 2nd December 2014: Ente Keralam, the fine-dine Kerala restaurant is hosting the exclusive ‘Chaakara Festival’ from today till the 14th of December 2014. This festival will feature a wide variety of seafood delicacies, cooked in different Kerala styles. On the festive menu are fish like Neimeen (seer fish), Karimeen (pearl spot), Avoli (black pomfret), Chemballi, Ayala (mackerel fish), apart from delicacies made with clams, scampi, crab, squid and prawn.

‘Chaakara’ meaning marine wonder is a phenomenon during the monsoons where a large number of fish gather as a result of mud bank formations. The festival will feature an array of seafood delicacies like the Konju kurumukagittathu prawns marinated in crushed black pepper and spices and deep fried, Koondhal porichathu squid rings fried with spicy masala, Aattu konchu masala tawa fry scampi cooked on a grilled in freshly ground black pepper & onion masala and more.

The festival menu includes delicious soups like Thengapal prawn soup, prawns cooked along with spices and finished with coconut milk, Njandu soup, crab meat cooked in lentil stock and spices. The menu offers Varathathu meaning fried specialties and Pollichathu, a style of cooking in the back waters of Kerala where the fish is wrapped in banana leaves along with a rich masala of shallots, spices and coconut.

Curries like Karimeen moilee pearl spot cooked in coconut milk and ginger, Vatta manga curry travelly fish cooked in ground coconut paste and raw mango, Njandu roast crab with shell cooked in a thick sliced onion masala, Chemballi mappas chemballi fish cooked with coriander powder and coconut milk and more.

To make reservations please contact Poes Garden 32216591, MRC Nagar 32216590 and Anna Nagar 32216589.

Key points:

Pricing of dishes: Rs. 350 onwards

Average meal for two: Rs. 1000

Available for lunch and dinner: Yes

Restaurant timing: 12:00 pm – 3:30 pm ; 7:00 pm – 11.00 pm

Ente Keralam hosts Chaakara Festival