Ambica Empire Food Festival

Ambica Empire Food Festival
Ambica Empire Food Festival


Experience the “Awadh & Nizami Specials in Chennai from 31st October to 16th November, 2014 presents by Celebrity Chefs Mr.Shabir Ali - from Lucknow, and Mr.Mumtaj Ali Taher Khan - from Hyderabad

To taste the real Awadhi or Lucknowi style cuisines, where to head in Chennai? Destination & Dates fixed @ Hotel Ambica Empire, 100 feet road, Vadapani. AMBICA EMPIRE’s Multi cuisine restaurant “ROYAL PALATE” the gourmets delight and heaven on earth presents “Awadh & Nizami Specialties in Chennai (Food Festival), where exclusive Kebabs & Biryani are being served with wide array of delicacies as an immaculate buffet Lunch and Dinner from 31st October 2014 to 16th November 2014.

Enjoy this delicious sensation and Cheer the “Chakhle Awadhi Aur Nizami”. For this food festival offered for Rs.650/- Nett for LUNCH and Rs.700/- Nett for DINNER.

Mr Kalathinathan, General Manager, said that Ambica Empire has conducted various food festivals like Karaikudi, Kerala, Seafood Festival, Madurai Food Fiesta, Biryani fest etc.,.They would concentrate more on taste and quality and also backdrops would be done with the same theme to match the festive mood.

This time without any exception a food festival is set to make Chennai go crazy about Awadhi & Nizami style of cooking with its renowned Kebabs & Briyanis. A buffet arranged for both lunch & dinner will take you straight to the heart of Lucknow & Hyderabad, giving you the real taste and flavours of a heritage.

Mr.Samuel Raj, F&B Manager quoted that Awadhi cooking was greatly influenced by Mughal cuisine. The Bawarchis and Rakabdars had contributed to the world the dum style of cooking or the art of cooking on slow fire. Awadhi cuisine is rich by nature with its grand variety, cooking style, presentation, ingredients & spices. Royal Palate, the Multi-cuisine restaurant at Ambica Empire is all set to add on to your Shahi dining experience. The Elaborate menu is sure to make your mouth water for more Biriyani, Kebabs, Roomali Rotis & Kormas to go with it.

Mr.Raghunath, The Executive Chef at Ambica Empire is over joyed about serving Lucknowi & Nizami flavours on a royal wide spread buffet to his guests. Saying his personal favourates are Nizami Sharbath, Nalli Nehari Shorba, Lucknowi Chuza Briyani, jinga Noorjahan Dum Briyani, Nawabi Murgh and Macchi ka Salan and suggests Shahi Tukda, Khubani ka Meetha, Burfi Rawa Sheera and Gulkand peda for those with sweet tooth.

Mr.Vithiyadaran , Exe.Asst.Manager, quotes "Awadhi cuisine is popular throughout India due to its Royalty, and it gives us great pleasure in giving Chennaities an experience of that Royal era that their taste buds will never forget. Our team is preparing the best of Awadhi & Nizami cuisine with exclusively selected recipes & ingredients which will keep the flavour & aroma of each dish distinct."

Mr.Shabir Ali - Chef from Lucknow, and Mr.Mumtaj Ali Taher Khan - Chef from Hyderabad came exclusively for this Festival say that Traditional food like Paya Shorba, Nalli Ka Shorba, Murgh Sultani Shorba, Tomota Dhanya Shorba, Murg Firdosi Bari, Murgh Jhangari Tikka, Bashai Murgh, Dumka Murgh, Lagan Ka Gosht, paya curry etc., will be served during this Feast. Further informed that flavours of Lucknowi Gosht Biriyani, Galouti kebab, Sulthani Seekh, Zarda ., etc.,. will also be added along with this buffet.

Ambica Empire Food Festival