Vanavarayan Vallavarayan Movie Review

Vanavarayan Vallavarayan Movie Review
Vanavarayan Vallavarayan Movie Review

Cast: Krishna Kulasekaran, Ma Ka Pa Anand, Monal Gajjar, Niharika Kareer

Director: Rajamohan

Music Director: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Cinematographer: M. R. Palanikumar

Editor: Kishore Te

Rajamohan's Vanavarayan Vallavarayan talks about two inseparable brothers who are jobless and go around mongering mischief all over town. They belong to an affluent family and have no worry in the world.

When the elder brother falls in love and the girl also starts reciprocating, things take a turn as the unbreakable bond between the brothers inadvertently results in a rift in the romance, in the heat of the moment. Vanavarayan Vallavarayan Set in the backdrop of a village in Coimbatore, Vanavarayan Vallavarayan is a story of two brothers played by Kreshna (Vaanu) and Ma Ka Pa Anand (Vallu).

In their introduction scene, we are shown that they are totally contradicting characters. But what we realize later, as the story passes, is that they also passionately care for each other and Vallu would even give up his life if Vaanu has to lead a happily-ever-after life with his girl friend played by Monal Gajjar, who looks more cute and lovely in this film.

While the film starts off with jokes to establish Kreshna and Ma Ka Pa Anand’s camaraderie, it suddenly shifts gears before the interval with overtly melodramatic scenes. Once Vanavarayan and Anjali meets from their home.

The village people mistakenly took their and insulted Vanavarayan. Then Vanavarayan brother Vallavarayan went to Anjali home with drinks and insulted her father Jaya prakash. So, Jaya Prakash decided not to give his daugheter to Vanavarayan family. The problem comes to end, that explains Vanavarayan and Anjali married or not? is the remaining story. Director Rajamohan surely knows his craft well. Even in a largely familiar story, he has reasonably managed to keep the ball rolling.

The film does not spend too much time on love and the fight thereof. The incidents seem logically sequential; the most impressive part of the screenplay is that it very clearly sketches perspectives. Usage of camera is also very apt, though there is nothing extraordinary or specific to be mentioned about.

Casting has been thoughtfully done - Kovai Sarala and Thambi Ramaiah are a very caring couple, who stand by their sons and also rise up to the occasion when demanded. Jayaprakash is one of the coolest dads, and he's played his role very well. SPB Charan has lost lots of weight and comes around as a prefect caring yet angry big bro for the girl. Santhanam plays a guest role and you are sure to be in splits in the scenes whenever he makes his presence.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music is definitely a huge source of encouragement for the film. The songs are good but there are one too many. Thakkalikku song might go onto become a chart-buster. Palanikumar’s cinematography is eye-catching indeed.

Vanavarayan Vallavarayan Movie Review