Kotha Janta Movie Review

Kotha Janta Movie Review

Movie Title : Kotha Janta-Telugu-2014

Banner : Geetha Arts

Gener : Love and Entertainment

Release Date : May 1st 2014

Cast : Allu Sirish, Regina Cassandra and more…

Directed by : Maruthi

Producer : Bunny Vass

Presents : Geetha Arts, Allu Aravind

Music : JB

Photography : Richard Prasad

Editor : Uddhav

This film Kottha Janta is all about the love story of a selfish couple, who works for a TV channel and selfishness dominating their love and life is shown in Maruthi’s style.


Sirish (Allu Sirish) is raised by his mother and her words make a strong impact on his character turning selfish. On the other hand, Suvarna (Regina) too is brought up in the same manner but never exceeds Sirish.

Sirish works as Programming Producer for a channel called Y-Telugu at Mumbai. Suvarna also works as Creative Director for the same channel at Chennai. Ravu Ramesh is its Chairman.

He will be worrying about the Hyderabad branch, which will be facing loss all the time. His friends will be maintaining that branch and at a particular instance he goes obsessed with and plans to transfer Sirish and Regina to Hyderabad.

So, both of them gets introduced each other. Ravu Ramesh asks them to make surplus changes and bring it up so that, you can grab some shares of it as a reward.

In that fashion, both of them plans to organize a reality show called Kottha Janta. As a part of that, they get involved in a wedding where the bride belongs to a local political leader.

Both of them face risk from then. As the days go by, Posani plans to start a channel with his black money, tagging Sirish and Suvarna. Both of them agree for the deal in the beginning but later, Suvarna drops out of that idea knowing his character.

So, Sirish pretends to love her in order to make her tag with the deal. But, Suvarna falls in love at his words. After a while, she comes to know his love- a drama. What happened later, did Sirish change his mind, what did she do to make a gentle man are the most interesting features we need to watch on the screens.


Producer Bunny Vasu has made this film Kottha Janta on the banner Geeta Arts, presented by Allu Aravind. ‘A’ Certified Director Maruthi has made with a line strongly focusing on selfish behavoiur of a couple and their life, adding screenplay and Dialogues.

Direction is not so effective. He has managed to make it in a rich manner as it is the film starring son of a Producer and that kinds of features are clearly visible. Music by J.B. is quite ok.

Sirish failed to make his mark with Gauravam earlier but this time, he has developed a bit. Camera work is an asset to the flick and on the other hand, Regina played well stealing hearts once again.


Allu Sirish:

Allu Sirish was stiff in Gouravam. Here he got the role of a typical youth and that made it easy for him. However he is still struggling to give right expressions. His body language lacks confidence. He doesn't have any special skills in dances or fights. Sirish will have to work hard to make an impression as an actor.


Regina is very good. She is one of the positive aspects of this film. She is equally good in bubbly as well as pathos scenes.

Others Casting Performence:

Saptagiri stole the show whenever he is on screen. His lengthy c