Demonte Colony Movie Review

Demonte Colony Movie Review
Demonte Colony Movie Review

Cast: Arulnithi

Director: R.Ajay Gnanamuthu

Music Composer: Keba Jeremiah

Cinematography: Aravinnd Singh

Editor: Bhuvan Srinivasan

Arul had tried his hands on horror thriller for the first time. Demonte Colony is famous for being haunted for ages. Four friends Srinivas (Arulnithi Tamilarasu), Vimal (RJ Ramesh), Raghavan and Sajid are the residents of housing board colony, in Pattinapakkam.

They plan to unravel the mistry behind Demonte Colony and visit the palace.

Raghavan steals a royal gold chain from the palace, during their visit. Twist in the tale is when all the four friends murdered in a mysterious fashion. Who kills them? Is there a ghost? If so, who is being possessed? Demonte Colony answers the question.

Decently made horror film and surprisingly director sticks to the basics of perfect horror movie and does not have any unwanted songs (except the first one and only song), comedy sequences(just wherever required) or scary ghosts visuals.

Happy to see a good horror film (sans comedy like the current Kollywood trend is following). Tamilarasu Arulnithi had done a good job and perfectly matched for the role. A perfect wedding gift for him!

Good debut for Director Ajay (Asst of Murugadoss Arunasalam). He keeps us engaged with the movie without boring us.

Demonte Colony Movie Review