How will a grand festival of light like emrg bring a revolution in the New Media industry

How will a grand festival of light like emrg bring a revolution in the New Media industry
How will a grand festival of light like emrg bring a revolution in the New Media industry
How will a grand festival of light like emrg bring a revolution in the New Media industry

India is all set to witness its most significant Festival of Light and New Media Arts Showcase- emrg, organised by Artillume in collaboration with Delhi Tourism, which is onset to dazzle the Garden of Five Senses in New Delhi from 20th to 29th March 2020. From beautiful candlelit streets to innovative installations and breath-taking projections, this festival is guaranteed to impress, delight and cheer the souls.

emrg is a first of its kind event in India which will provide new media artists across the country with an opportunity to display their creativity and talent and reverberate the beautifully curated garden space with 50+ immersive and interactive light art installations and mesmerizing projection mapping shows. The festival also endeavours to put a common public space in a different light by using various light and art installations for creating moments of magic, curiosity, joy and wonder to fascinate the people in the country.

New media art is a genre which encompasses artworks created with new media technology, including digital art, virtualization, interactive art, lighting, projection mapping, graphics and 3D designs. Today, the new media artists are creating work that is uniquely beyond imagination, often pinpointing a collective feeling or subverting a technology to open up new ways of viewing contemporary culture. They have the ability to manipulate 3D renderings, video, and still images into web experiences that are equally stand-alone pieces and portals that invite you into another realm—perhaps somewhere that doesn’t yet exist.

When talking about the New Media Industry, it’s not possible to hold the conversation without emrg in mind. As the event will not only prove to be a milestone in the Indian New Media Industry, but it is also going to revolutionize the same. So, let’s see how the festival will hold its impacts in different verticals- 

Revolution in the Festival industry

Presently, fest in India is all about a massive electronic music festival where people end up partying until the sun comes up! The most tech-centric festivals in India were just catered to food explosion, and the stage were set on fire with thematic dance and music euphony, missing out the crucial aspect, i.e. lights. But emrg will showcase some of the most cutting-edge work in immersive storytelling and new media, changing the entire scenario of the festival in India. It is said to bring the art and design renaissance in India, transforming the mere festival into the realm of digital art and creative culture. 

Revolution in the Art Industry 

Humans have been carving visual art since the dawn of our species. And now when the art is all digitized, this contemporary art has an enormous influence not only on painting and drawing but also sculpture, music, and video. Above all, light is the most significant variable to be impacted. The lighting of a subject in a piece of art is often one of the most critical aspects of the composition. From still life to portraiture, lighting brings a tone and depth to a piece, no matter what the subject is. For each artwork, the light is really tailored and handcrafted so our visitors can appreciate what the artist is trying to communicate. The first-ever biggest Indian light festival is also subjected to lighting and site-specific installations, along with projection mapping shows. It is perceived to be as a parameter in the future for a transformed and improved new media industry. 

Revolution in terms of Technology

Technology is at the crux of a substantial change in various areas of our lives, even in the cultural field made up of concrete and tangible pieces of art. New media art, such as 3D virtual reality and computer graphic techniques, have become mediums that are now enabling new media artists to revolutionize traditional art forms. The next big revolution that is to occur is in the field of art and technology is emrg. It will surely keep viewers eye peeled, bringing inspiration, fun and immersive installations to life. Artists will be using new and advanced technology to create works of art and tech-driven light installations where all the setup will be from India itself. Their work is not only formally pleasing but technically adept and innovative. It is, primarily, a new tool that will serve a variety of artistic needs to redefine the arena of creation and imagination.

With emrg, the purpose is to utilize playful interactivity to carve out experiences that remain etched and illuminated in everybody’s memory. It also endeavours the new media artists across India to no longer rely solely on galleries and the elite art world to validate their success. 

So, are you ready to behold this magical mystery tour like nothing you’ve seen before?