Top 5 fastest growing B2B Ed-Tech companies disrupting education with AI technology

Top 5 fastest growing B2B Ed-Tech companies disrupting education with AI technology
Top 5 fastest growing B2B Ed-Tech companies disrupting education with AI technology

Top 5 fastest growing B2B Ed-Tech companies disrupting education with AI technology

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education has been around for some time, usually to do tasks that require human intelligence. The earliest memory of AI would be adaptive testing, in which the questions became increasingly difficult as you answered them correctly. Computing power has increased dramatically in the last decade or so, and artificial intelligence is also evolving to play a larger role in education for both teachers and students.

Ed-tech players have attracted a whopping $3.81 billion in funding only in the first seven months of 2021, according to a report from analytics firm Tracxn. AI-based education technologies will soon enable us to read students’ facial expressions using facial recognition and determine where and when they are struggling and to tailor and alter the lessons to suit their requirements. Teachers will be able to learn in detail about each of the students. Here we have listed the top 5 B2B fastest growing Ed-Tech companies who are leveraging AI and disrupting the education sector:

1. Next Education 

Next Education has played a vital role in helping schools transition from offline to online academic operations through the Next Learning Platform. It is a SaaS-based platform that ensures the best virtual teaching and learning experience. It is loaded with AI-driven features to assess and invigilate students and help teachers keep abreast of each student’s academic progress. Next Assessment, for instance, is a powerful AI-based tool in the platform that allows teachers to create assessments using an automatic assessment generator, assign adaptive tests and give personalized feedback to students. Next Assessment helps all types of learners to flourish with adaptive assessments that adjust to the learning needs of individual students. It analyses students’ knowledge with the Smart Concept Test based on Item Response Theory, which determines the concept-level understanding of a student in a particular chapter, and the Smart Revision Test Based on Knowledge Space Theory, which gauges a learner’s ability to understand an entire chapter by linking various concepts within it.

2. Lead School

With humble values of empathy and integrity, we intend to empower India by making excellent school education accessible and affordable to each and every child. We constantly sync our educational values with our leadership definitions, helping children LEARN well, THINK deep, DO good, and BE leaders. Backed with strong core principles and a motto to strive for excellence, our vision is clear and defined – to provide propulsive learning opportunities to over 26 million children by 2026.


3. Classpro

Founded in 2011 by Jayesh Gopalan and two of his batchmates from Mumbai, Classpro was the first-ever company then to have come up with an online software for coaching classes management. With their new tool, coaching centres can teach their students online, share pre-recorded videos of lectures with students who might have internet issues while attending online classes, help students digitally submit their assignments, and also conduct exams online


4. Kneura

Kneura is an easy to use Virtual Classroom Platform that provides powerful tools for Educators to Create and Deliver Lessons (Live and Online), Grade, Advise and Engage with Learners and achieve extraordinary learning outcomes. The platform allows teachers to create beautiful lessons using interactive tools and access to the latest curated content resources. These lessons are active content and once shared can be viewed by the students via live collaboration.

5.  Upswing's Learning

With technology evolving rapidly it has become imperative for teachers and schools to adopt this shift. Upswing's Learning Management System is built to equip and empower teachers to make learning fun and interesting for their students. With time being the essence in each one's life today, Upswing Learning is built to assist all the key stakeholders in their day to day functioning i.e School Administrators, Teachers, Parents and Students. EDUCATION TRANSFORMS LIVES, BUT WHAT TRANSFORMS EDUCATION? With this very thought Upswing Learning was born from the House of MS Ramaiah. Designed for students between the 6th to 12th grades we are a content rich learning management system catering to all the boards in the country namely CBSE, ICSE, IB & State Level Boards. Equipped with a vast repository of course material, practice tests and question bank our teacher centric platform has been vetted by a team of academics across the country.