Hyderabad to host SLAN ‘Mind Games Championship 2019’ finals on Sunday

Hyderabad to host SLAN ‘Mind Games Championship 2019’ finals on Sunday
SLAN ‘Mind Games Championship 2019’

Hyderabad, August 22nd, 2019: City to host the Grand Finals of the SLAN ‘Mind Games Championship 2019’ on Sunday, August 22nd at the Lal Bahadur Stadium. The finals is the culmination of the Chess & Scrabble tournament conducted in the Under-9, Under-12, Under-16 age group categories; and across four cities – Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Bangalore, Chennai.


SLAN (Sports Local Area Network), the first of its kind sports engagement platform in the kids, amateur, and non-professional sports world, organized India’s biggest “Mind Games Championship” for children. Dairy Day Ice Creams, one of the leading brands in South India, was the title sponsor for the first edition of SLAN Mind Games Championship.


The five-weekend championship was held across Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Bangalore and Chennai; and the winners of each city will travel to Hyderabad to play the finals on August 22nd.


Commenting on the first-of-its-kind event, Ms. Aparna Mulukutla, CEO, SLAN Sports said, “Mind Games Championship is a unique concept that will bring out the best brains in the country through their skill at boardgames like Chess & Scrabble. While SLAN was started with the objective of promoting a sports culture in India, we feel the need to engage young brains through such thought-oriented mind games that encourage strategic thinking. We are receiving great response from schools and parents of children to enrol their kids for this championship that will revolutionize the way in which ‘Mind Game’ competitions are held in the country. This ‘Mind Games Championship’ organized across four metro cities will go down as a sensation among the school-going children, their parents, and teachers.”


About SLAN:


SLAN (Sports Local Area Network) has been started to develop playing sports at the grassroot level, thus focusing on kids and amateur sportsmen to build their skills while making ‘playing sports, a healthy habit'. SLAN is a mobile based platform that aims to make playing sports a habit through organized leagues and tournaments.


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