Automation Anywhere Completes Acqui-Hire of Cathyos Labs to Support Strategic Growth Plan

Automation Anywhere Completes Acqui-Hire of Cathyos Labs to Support Strategic Growth Plan

The acqui-hire will support product innovation and customer engagements across the region

Chennai, INDIA – Nov. 6, 2019: Automation Anywhere, a global leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), today announced the acqui-hire of product engineering start-up Cathyos Labs to support the company’s expansion and product innovation. 

Cathyos Labs specializes in product development, automation, RPA and predictive analytics. Through the acqui-hire, Automation Anywhere will strengthen its engineering team to increase product development, support and delivery for customers in India and across the region. 
Cathyos Labs is the first talent led acquisition by Automation Anywhere. Throughout India, acqui-hires are becoming common as organizations purchase a company in order to acquire or gain access to its employees, but not necessarily the company’s products and services.

Cathyos Labs engineers, including the co-founders will join Automation Anywhere’s product engineering team to provide development support for the industry’s first and only web-based RPA platform, Enterprise A2019. Automation Anywhere is headquartered in San Jose, California. In India, Automation Anywhere has offices in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Vadodara. 

“There is growing customer demand for intelligent automation technology in India and across the broader region as organizations seek to improve productivity and lower operating costs,” said Prince Kohli, Chief Technology Officer, Automation Anywhere. “We are eager to welcome the engineers from Cathyos Labs to add their expertise and support to our digital workforce platform, as well as our broader product development teams.” 

"We have been working with Fortune 500 companies for some time to infuse innovation into product engineering and data engineering consultation and services,” said  Kumar Saurabh Johny, Co-founder of Cathyos Labs. “Our expertise in RPA and cloud infrastructure scaling will be a valuable addition to the product development team at Automation Anywhere.” 
“Automation Anywhere continues to rapidly expand our market share and product portfolio, which requires acquiring exceptionally talented people in the right geography. Cathyos Labs represents the ideal organization, experience and culture, that as a team, will be able to immediately provide impact to Automation Anywhere’s innovation engine,’ said Peter Meechan, Chief Corporate Development Officer, Automation Anywhere. “We look forward to working with these top innovators to advance our RPA digital workforce platform.”
India, the Middle East, and Africa (IMEA) remains one of the fastest-growing regions for Automation Anywhere. In IMEA, the company has experienced a growth rate of approximately 200 percent year-over-year. This growth reinforces the company's position as one of the industry's most widely deployed, enterprise-grade intelligent RPA platforms.