Rapido Launches Rapido Rental Services for Multi-Point Trips

Rapido Launches Rapido Rental Services for Multi-Point Trips
Rapido Launches Rapido Rental Services for Multi-Point Trips

Rapido Launches Rapido Rental Services for Multi-Point Trips
Rapido Rental across Six tier I cities, available on Rapido
•    Currently present in Bangalore, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata and Jaipur
•    Pioneering the concept of 2W bike taxi rentals, the company plans to expand to Tier II and III cities soon
•    Rapido Rental will be available at the Rapido Ride rate + minimal convenience fee

India, 2021: Rapido, India’s largest bike taxi platform, today announced the launch of Rapido Rental services, in Six Indian cities - Bangalore, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata and Jaipur, for the first time in India. Introducing the concept of 2W bike taxi rental services, the company aims to cater to those customers who have to complete multiple tasks at different locations and want to avoid the hassle of multiple bookings and waiting for the ride to arrive. 
Rapido Rental can be booked under selected package duration of 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours and 6 hours, and a dedicated Captain (Rapido driver partner) will be available with the customer throughout the trip. Every Captain will be eligible for this service and by default is enabled for Rental. With this first-of-its-kind service, the company aims to provide a superior user experience to customers and better earning opportunity to the Captains.
Rental Package Pricing details: 
Package     Fare (Rs.)    Duration Limit (hrs)    Distance Limit (Kms)
Package 1    99    1    10
Package 2    199    2    20
Package3    299    3    30
Package 4    399    4    40
Package 5    599    6    60
Usage beyond package allowance
Per Km    Rs. 10    Per-Min    Rs 1.5 

On the launch of Rapido Rental, Aravind Sanka, Co-Founder, Rapido, said, “In the last months, we have noticed a rising need for multi-stop, affordable and easily accessible ride among customers, especially our high usage customers. With Rapido Rental, we aim to address the need of such users who have a use case of multi-point travel. This can be a short stopover to pick a few things from a local shop to longer/ multiple stops related to work or personal use-cases such as for comprehensive shopping, house hunting, etc. We hope to provide a superior user experience and win -win situation for our customers and Captains.” 
Rapido Rental concept was conceived as a result of customer usage data analysis that derived the demand as a result of people resuming normal life and wanting to complete their daily tasks outside the home in one go. The company launched a pilot run to validate the data and hypothesis and once the validation was received, Rapido Rental was launched in the initial Tier I cities. The service reduces the user effort and eliminates the time taken in booking and waiting for the multiple additional rides and is witnessing good traction. The company plans to expand the service in close to 100 cities that Rapido is present in. 
Last year, Rapido announced several initiatives towards maintaining safety and following guidelines to protect the customer and the Captain, including the innovative Safety back shields for bike taxi rides. The captains are expected to sanitize and clean the vehicle and all customer accessible areas, post every ride, along with mandatory usage of masks during the entire ride by the Captains and the passengers. The company also introduced new policy support last year, where the company provides free cancellation if Captains or customers are without a mask.
Customers have to download the app, log in to their account and book a Rapido Rental Ride, through their iOS/Android phones. 
About Rapido:
Rapido is a bike taxi service spread widely across all of India from Tier I to Tier III cities. The app allows you to book bike taxis with the minimum wait time, maximum safety and is super easy on your pockets.
How it works?
Download the app on iOS/android, login from your account, and start booking. Once booked, the amount and captain details appear on the homepage and our captains are at the pick-up location in no time. To ensure your safety, our captains carry an additional helmet which is given once the captain arrives and at no additional cost. Your safety is of the utmost importance to us. With Rapido around, let’s keep the traffic excuses at home and explore our cities.