National Civil Services Day

National Civil Services Day

The National civil services day is observed on April 21. The civil service system is the backbone of the administrative machinery of the country. It is the permanent executive branch of the Republic of India. The policies and schemes are made by the government. The civil servants are the administrators. The civil servants are responsible for implementing all the government policies and schemes successfully up to the root level.

It consists of (IAS) Indian Administrative services, (IPS)Indian Police services, (IFS) Indian Foreign services along with central Group A and group B services.

On April 21, 1947, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, the Home Member of Parliament inaugurated the All India Services. Then, the previous Indian Civil Services under British India were changed to All India Services with subject to complete Indian control.

He gave a powerful speech at the All India Administrative Service Training School at Metcalfe House, Delhi. In his speech he referred to civil servants as the 'steel frame of India'.

The civil servant is primarily the master of the short-term solution--Indira Gandhi