Impact HD develops Japanese service in India,Asia

Impact HD develops Japanese service in India,Asia

India attracts attention as a huge market for businesses in various fields.

Impact Holdings from Japan has opened a retail distribution store as a one-stop solution to Indian markets amid such circumstances.

Named as 'Essentials'the retail store sells a variety of food and household goods.In India,there are nearly 400 retail stores selling only coffee beans from the cafe chain.

The first project that we currently manage is to transfer this to our new joint venture in the form of physical investment and convert about 400 stores into a convenience store."said Yasuo Fukui,CEO of impact HD.

"I would like to create a safe and very fashionable store for those people and I want to hear customer's opinion that the store is good and very cool.I feel that hope that local people will like it", he added.

Not only to change the store,the CEO noted that the company is also looking forward to starting a delivery service serving local delicacies.

The first store was opened in August 2019.Similar stores will be opened across India.