Hoopr Teams Up with YouTube Sensation Flying Beast, AKA Gaurav Taneja, for the Debut of 'Zidd Hai'

Hoopr Teams Up with YouTube Sensation Flying Beast, AKA Gaurav Taneja, for the Debut of 'Zidd Hai'
Hoopr Teams Up with YouTube Sensation Flying Beast, AKA Gaurav Taneja, for the Debut of 'Zidd Hai'
Hoopr Teams Up with YouTube Sensation Flying Beast, AKA Gaurav Taneja, for the Debut of 'Zidd Hai'

Hoopr Teams Up with YouTube Sensation Flying Beast, AKA Gaurav Taneja, for the Debut of 'Zidd Hai'

Mumbai, 25th October, 2023: In a noteworthy development for the world of content creation and music, Hoopr.ai, India's leading music licensing platform, has partnered with renowned YouTube creator Flying Beast, also known as Gaurav Taneja, to launch an original song titled 'Zidd Hai'. This collaboration aims to address the growing demand from big content creators for high-quality music that enhances their content and marketing strategies.

Gaurav Taneja, popularly known as Flying Beast, boasts a substantial following on YouTube, with over 8.5 million subscribers and an additional 5 million on various social media platforms. A commercial pilot turned content creator, he has gained immense popularity through his diverse content, including fitness, gaming, and daily life vlogs.

Flying Beast was already a subscriber of Hoopr's music licensing catalog, and his inspiration for the song 'Zidd Hai' emerged during the creation of his web series, "Desh Ka Dhoni''. In this series, Gaurav embarked on a challenging 2400 km bicycle journey from Delhi to Chennai during the harsh Indian summer, with the goal of collecting wishes for the legendary cricketer MS Dhoni from people across the country.

Commenting on collaborating with Hoopr, Gaurav Taneja said, "In our maiden collaboration with Hoopr, as a content creator, I believe their music library breathes life into our creative endeavors. Music becomes the heartbeat of the stories we convey, and I believe Hoopr's tailored support for Indian creators is the solution we've been waiting for."

"The series 'Desh Ka Dhoni' embarks on a poignant journey that resonates with the hearts of every Indian cricket fan seeking to pay homage to the legendary MS Dhoni. The grueling cycle ride from Delhi to Chennai tested our physical and mental limits, pushing us to the brink of exhaustion. Despite moments of despair and breakdowns, our unwavering 'Zidd' fueled our determination", further he added.

Recognizing the importance of music that complements the essence of a show, Hoopr played a pivotal role in crafting the song 'Zidd Hai'. The song encapsulates the relentless determination and spirit of Flying Beast's incredible journey, effectively reflecting the 'Desh ka Dhoni' narrative.

With a vision to create a musical asset that resonates with the audience, Hoopr understands that music often becomes a defining element of movies and TV shows. Just as songs like “Scam 92” and “Kesariya” from “Brahmastra '' have achieved immense popularity, 'Zidd Hai' is poised to become an integral part of the 'Desh Ka Dhoni' experience.     


Gaurav Dagaonkar, CEO and Co-founder of Hoopr and the composer of the song, shared his enthusiasm, "This song is close to my heart because it represents a philosophy I stand by - don't give up. Working with Flying Beast was such an amazing experience because his journey is such an inspiration to me. I relate to 'Zidd Hai', and I think a lot of people will as well."

“Big content creators are increasingly recognizing the pivotal role of music in enhancing their content and marketing strategies as they know that India loves music in their stories, and a lot of songs become amplifiers for specific movies and shows. I think 'Zidd Hai' will also do the same for 'Desh Ka Dhoni.'. Hoopr is committed to provide the perfect soundtrack for creators that elevates their storytelling and engages their audience effectively,” added Dagaonkar.

'Zidd Hai' boasts an impressive lineup of talent, including composition by Gaurav Dagaonkar himself, vocals and lyrics by Geet Sagar (popularly known as 'Awaazz'), and music arrangement and production by Abhinav Meher, Sarvesh Korde, Swarup Chattopadhya, mixed by KSW (Kushal Wagle).

Geet Sagar AKA 'Awaazz' expressed his excitement, stating, “'Zidd Hai' encapsulates that feeling of determination, which doesn't let us give up, come what may. It is that state when dreams are bigger than any obstacle, condition, or problem thrown at us. Further, writing becomes so much more joyful when melodies are great. This is why I love working with Gaurav Dagaonkar, whose music fits perfectly with my words. Can't wait for the song to be out.”

The lyrics of the song powerfully capture the sentiments felt by Flying Beast during his journey, emphasizing the message that determination can overcome any obstacle. "Ye zidd hi to hai jo sone nahi deti, par sapno ko sach kar dikhati hai."

Gaurav Taneja summed up the essence of 'Zidd Hai' by stating, "The song 'Zidd Hai' encapsulates the profound sentiment of 'never give up.' It serves as an anthem, echoing the aspirations of every young Indian striving to turn their dreams into reality, transcending the myriad physical and mental obstacles of life."

Hoopr intends to inspire individuals across the nation with the release of 'Zidd Hai' and hopes that other content creators can incorporate this powerful song into their own journeys and determination stories.

'Zidd Hai' is exclusively available on Hoopr.ai, and users can listen to the track by clicking here.