Taco Bell Brings its Iconic Gordita to India

Taco Bell Brings its Iconic Gordita to India
all new Kickin’ Chicken Gordita
Taco Bell Brings its Iconic Gordita to India

National, August 20th 2019: Taco Bell is all set to introduce its iconic GORDITA to consumers in India. mainstay of Taco Bell menus across the world for decades, the KICKIN’ CHICKEN GORDITA is a new menu item combining the flavours and textures of the gordita bread and the kickin’ sauce.


The all new Kickin’ Gordita is a new innovation which presents BIGGER and BOLDER flavors. Consumers will be introduced to two new elements – the warm and fluffy GORDITA FLATBREAD and the delicious KICKIN’ SAUCE, which gives the Gordita its signature ‘kick’ of flavors. 


The new menu item is available in both a CRISPY CHICKEN non-vegetarian variant as well as a vegetarian MEXICAN PANEER variant, filled with iceberg lettuce and tangy salsa.


So, what are you waiting for? Come try the newest innovation in town. The Gordita is available at all Taco Bell restaurants across the country,  for a special launch price of INR 99 for the Kickin’ Paneer Gordita and INR 119 for the Kickin’ Chicken Gordita.


About Taco Bell 
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