Lenskart partners with luxury fashion designer Rahul Mishra for Paris Haute Couture Week

Lenskart partners with luxury fashion designer Rahul Mishra for Paris Haute Couture Week
Lenskart partners with luxury fashion designer Rahul Mishra for Paris Haute Couture Week

Lenskart partners with luxury fashion designer Rahul Mishra for Paris Haute Couture Week

New Delhi, July 2, 2022
With its values of “Do More, Be More” design at Lenskart has always been central to the way the brand is experienced. With its purpose to transform the way consumers see and experience their lives, the much-loved eyewear brand is consistently fusing design and functionality to create innovative products with a wide variety of choices for every consumer. Given its strong lifestyle position, Lenskart makes its debut at Paris Haute Couture Week in association with Rahul Mishra - one of India’s most celebrated fashion designers. Rahul will be showcasing his Couture Fall 2022 collection called “Tree of Life” on the 4th of July, 2022 in Paris.

Over the years Lenskart has garnered recognition as one of the fastest-growing eyewear brands. In keeping with its inclusive vision to have eyewear for everybody, Lenskart aims to tap into an in-vogue audience to reframe eyewear from a functional product into one that is a form of personal expression. Lenskart aims to exhibit its versatile eyewear collection that is just as en-vogue as it is functional. Being an accessory suited for all occasions, Lenskart seamlessly transforms eyewear into an essential element of one’s wardrobe. The association with one of the stalwarts of the Indian fashion industry, Rahul Mishra, takes the brand’s vision to a global platform.

Being one of the first Indian designers to showcase at the Paris Fashion Week/Haute Couture Week, Mishra champions slow, state-of-the-art fashion with traditional Indian crafts and Lenskart’s ‘Do More, Be More’ spirit.

Speaking on the collaboration, Sasha Chhetri, AVP, Marketing at Lenskart said, “We’re building Lenskart as the ultimate fashion destination for eyewear and are passionate about introducing design-led concepts and innovation that can deliver breakthrough products and experiences. Our collaboration with Rahul is strategized with this unified vision — to be a one-of brand that bridges the world of eyewear, expression, and lifestyle.”

Rahul Mishra adds, “Our “the Tree of Life” collection celebrates opulence with a strong palette of gold and black and focuses on high precision craftsmanship and construction has revolutionized and disrupted the eyewear market in India and gained a commendable footprint in the global landscape. They indeed make a great partner for collaboration.

The Paris Haute Couture Show will be held on 4th July 2022. The audience will witness the coming together of two of Asia’s most distinguished names in fashion and accessories. Lenskart is ready to dive deeper into the fashion landscape through this significant collaboration. From bolder fashion statements as eyewear evolves from being a utilitarian product to one of self-expression.

About Lenskart

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