Rejoice in an Indulgent Chocolate Fondue Feast!

Rejoice in an Indulgent Chocolate Fondue Feast!

~ Tea Lounge, Taj Coromandel ~ 

Who doesn’t love a classic fondue pot of delicious and gooey melted chocolate! This festive season, Taj Coromandel invites you to revel in a chocolate fondue feast with a range of indulgent delights!

Delve into an assortment of sinful chocolates like Bitter Chocolate, Gold chocolate, Ruby chocolate, Semi Sweet and Milk Chocolate. These delicious tastes are brought to you from various regions from across the world like Ghana, Madagascar, Sao Tome, and Java. Melted to perfection and served with delicious accompaniments like homemade fruit flavoured marshmallows, Macaroons, pate de fruit, hand rolled chocolate fudges, home baked Scottish shortbreads, and vernier cakes, this delightful experience is  a must-try this festive season! 

Have fun dipping your favourite seasonal fruit or marshmallows into this decadent chocolate fondue! Embellish this experience with tea, coffee or even a glass of champagne!

December 15 – 31  |  Tea Lounge at the Lobby Level  |  INR 1000 plus taxes for fondue with accompaniments (Exclusive of Tea/coffee/champagne)  |  3.00pm to 8.00pm  |  For further information please call +91 44 66002827