F215-Creative Workspaces by Deepti Reddy

F215-Creative Workspaces by Deepti Reddy

L-R -Mridul,Niranthara,Deepti,Aditi,Vishwa

‘Study, get a job, go to work, earn money.’ This pattern of living has been taught to most people for several years. Nothing wrong with it, but where, in this monotony, does one sit down and really ask themselves if they love what they’re doing or even enjoy the place they’re working from? Deepti Reddy, founder of F215, recognized a pattern of boredom and monotony in the way people feel about work and decided that some sort of change was necessary.

F215 started as an idea to function as a space where creators and entrepreneurs come together and fuel the fire that burns within them all; the purpose being to ensure that no one has to discard their dream or an idea they came up with for a business out of the inability to have an environment. The workspace radiates a unique vibe, a balance between professionalism and creative fun, from where one can work and perhaps even call home. With an array of amenities like uninterrupted power and WiFi, private offices as well as common areas for community interactions, a fully stocked/functional pantry and state of the art of meeting rooms, F215 believes in providing comfortable work spaces with every office need kept in mind

Deepti Reddy was born in California and always had a vision of starting her own business in Chennai, particularly. Her Western upbringing and deeply rooted Indian culture helps to bring back existing ideas in a modern fashion. She likes people to feel at home in all aspects of life and F215 was a great start in doing so. Deepti likes getting to know people from different fields and has helped them connect as a passion earlier and is now doing so in the form of a co-working space.

A Chennai-based rapper, music is her passion. “I grew up around music, both classical and hip-hop. I’ve always wanted to be both an entrepreneur and an artist and I finally found a way to make all of it work,” says Deepti Reddy.

As part of the launch, F215 also presented 'The Esc Event', an interactive session with first-time entrepreneurs VishwaSachdev and Aditi Prasad from Miniroo, NirantharaMuthiah and VishalaRamaswami from Her Story and MridulSahuwala from Illuminarty. These panelists shared their views and thoughts on entrepreneurship, creativity as well as the society.

Mothers and entrepreneurs, Aditi and Vishwa are also friends! On a play date, in 2017 with their boys, they were discussing products for kids they use and it dawned upon them that there are so many new and high quality products right here in India that aren't reaching people in South India! Hence, MiniRoo was born to be that one stop platform to connect good and high quality brands to parents and kids.

Her Story is an initiative that aims to foster conversation on illuminating issues that range from feminism to current affairs. It’s founders, NirantharaMuthiah and VishalaRamaswami hope to foster social change and awareness through events that challenge the existing rhetoric. So far, events have been on topics such as women in corporate leadership, women in family legacies and the challenged of body image, beauty and strength.

MridulSahuwala pursued her passion in all things creative and completed a foundation course in contemporary arts from the Slade school of Fine Arts UCL. She returned back to Chennai and was looking at different avenues where she could combine her love for arts and knowledge of marketing. It was then she met IndrajalaMoturi, and got to talking. The two brain-stormed and formed IlluminArty : An experiential creative platform in 2018.