DRV & Boyblanck's ‘Multani Mitti’ redefines desi swagger with New sound 

DRV & Boyblanck's ‘Multani Mitti’ redefines desi swagger with New sound 
DRV & Boyblanck's ‘Multani Mitti’ redefines desi swagger with New sound 

DRV & Boyblanck's ‘Multani Mitti’ redefines desi swagger with New sound 

The Artiste First production boasts of a sublime collection of super cool tracks

National, October 11th: If there’s one album in the indie music space that has been the talk of the town, it is DRV and Boyblanck’s Multani Mitti. A much coveted collaboration between two immensely talented artists, Multani Mitti has been causing a buzz amongst fans ever since its official announcement. After weeks of raging furore, Artiste First has finally unveiled the album to the world.

A sparkling collection of seven sensational songs, Multani Mitti is an LP that covers a variety of themes, stories and emotions. Presented by Artiste First, an independent label that champions original music and empowers diverse talents, the album has something for every kind of listener.

Zameen Se, the first song in the album, is an electric and ambitious number that instantly grips listeners with rousing vocals and hard hitting drums. True to its title, the song talks about growing from the ground up with humble beginnings. Overseas, the second track, is an exciting and experimental tune that perfectly blends the brilliance of DRV and the genius of Boyblanck. With Babywxve's head-bopping beats and an intensely hypnotic vibe, the track is a bold declaration of victory in the land of rap.

The third song in the album, titled Tarakkiyan, brings DRV and Boyblanck together with Bombay the Artist in a sensational music video. The new school trap beat revels in a snazzy yet rustic vibe, and combines catchy lyrics with groovy music to celebrate the power of Punjabi spirit. Street Cred, the fourth melody, is a raw and rousing track that is powered by Aakash’s musical mastery. With an enigmatic charm that is second to none, the melody raps its way into our heart.

Kadwa Sach, the fifth song, is a towering tribute to the sounds of Detroit, but with a local flavor of its own. Both DRV and Boyblanck exude a sense of suave pride in the lyrics, as they revel in their rapid rise in the opulent track.  With it comes to the sixth track, Court Kacheri is a groove filled gem that brings a peppy flow, thumping drums and punchy base to the fore. The song also harbors a subtle message about the violence brimming inside many institutions.

Last but never the least, Akela, the final song in the album, leaves listeners on a poignant and poetic high. The first ever song DRV and Boyblanck made together, it encapsulates the ‘life coming full circle’ moment for the two musicians, as they take us on a bittersweet ride through their journey filled with smug gatekeepers and constant hurdles before they changed the game.

Hailing from vibrant Delhi, DRV has ignited the hip-hop scene with his distinctive vocal prowess and unmatched musical finesse. Boyblanck, a heartthrob of Noida's hip-hop scene, has already collaborated with renowned figures such as Anurag Kashyap. The artistes have perfectly woven their passionate, original and distinct styles into the Multani Mitti LP.

Talking about the release of the album, DRV said, “Multani Mitti is not just an album, it is a vote of love and thanks to all our diehard fans, as well as the supporters of independent music. We have woven many moods and colors into the tracks. The experience of crafting this LP has been nothing but magical. May it be joining hands with Boyblanck, or working with a label as special as Artiste First; Multani Mitti is a memorable milestone in more ways than one”.

Sharing his thoughts on the release, Boyblanck said, “It is not often that one gets to hear an album as diverse as Multani Mitti. Right from the very beginning, DRV and I had envisioned a very unique musical offering, and I am more than elated to have brought the vision into fruition with the help of Artiste First. Fans will get a truly original experience while pressing play, and will get lost into a groovy ocean till Multani Mitti ends”.

Commenting on their latest release, Rohit Sobti, Founder, Artiste First, said, “The biggest USP of Multani Mitti is their connection to the Mitti. Each track has its own individual vibe, peppy lyrics and groovy beats. DRV, BoyBlanc , Bombay The Artist and other featuring artiste have a vibe of their own”.

While DRV and Boyblanck are rising names in the independent music scene, Artiste First is the prime platform for passionate talents. The three forces have come together to give fans an album for the ages with Multani Mitti. The Multani Mitti LP is now available on all leading platforms.