Here’s what Indian cricketing legends VVS Laxman,IrfanPathan and Parthiv Patel have in common

Here’s what Indian cricketing legends VVS Laxman,IrfanPathan and Parthiv Patel have in common

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to grip the entire world, including India, diverse coping strategies continue to emerge across the country. One such Action Response Plan is the ‘Janta Mentorship’ initiative launched by Amitabh Shah founded Indian NGO Yuva Unstoppable, immediately after the declaration of nationwide ‘Janta Curfew’ by the Prime Minister ShriNarendraModi. A brainchild of MrsRashmi Shah, wife of Amitabh Shah, the initiative is aimed at supporting the NGO’s young and bright scholarship students cope with the global pandemic and make the best of the lockdownthrough online mentoring sessions that connect them with their role models, many of who are renowned corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, sportspersons, and counselors among other subject experts, ambassadors, and supporters of Yuva Unstoppable from diverse fields. These students, often single parent children or orphans, come from socio-economically less privileged communities and are supported by YuvaUnstoppable’s Educational Scholarship Program, one of its many interventions in the areas of health, sanitation, education and awareness.

Some of the latest Janta Mentorship sessions facilitated by Yuva Unstoppable connectedits scholarship  studentswith finest former Indian cricketers like VVS Laxman, IrfanPathan, and Parthiv Patel, all of whom have also supported the NGO’s diverse initiatives and activities in past. Padma Shri awardeeand founder of VVS Foundation,VVS Laxman joined hands with Yuva Unstoppable in 2012 to award scholarships to IITians from poor families under the project called Satyaram Scholarships(named after and dedicated to his parents). The initiative has so far supported more than 30 scholars across 4 IITs - Mumbai, Hyderabad, Gandhinagar, and Guwahati - to pursue their education from country’s top education institutes. Both IrfanPathan and Parthiv Patel have visited the government schools transformed by Yuva Unstoppable on different occasions and participated in the organization’s activities.

During the virtual mentoring sessions with YuvaUnstoppable’s students, all the three mentors enthusiastically shared about their life journey and experiences while also addressing questions and anxieties of latter. When the students asked VVS Laxman his secret to being optimistic in life, this is what the philanthropist said – “always identify your strengths and weaknesses, and start working on your weaknesses. Look at the brighter side and you will find that every problem has a solution, focus on finding one”. He further shared that “everyday is a day of fulfillment, when a person is passionate about what he is doing”.

IrfanPathan, one of the finest former all-rounders and role model for many youngsters, mentored YuvaUnstoppable’s students about stress management and attitude. “Pressures are always going to build up in life, be it education or any other field. The best way to deal with it is to always stayfocused on what is yet to come.Tomorrow may bring in new opportunities and hopes, it will definitely be better than today. Don’t give up!”

When Parthiv Patel was asked about his way of responding to the ongoing health crisis, he advised the youth attending ‘Janta Mentorship’ sessions to “re-invent yourself, make the most of this time, and stay positive, strong and patient while working hard to realize your dreams. In this lockdown, this is one of the most productive things I have done so far, talking to dynamic and inspiring students like you”, he added.

“It was a pleasure to have VVS Laxman, IrfanPathan and Parthiv Patel with us in these virtual mentoring sessions and I’m thankful to them for sharing their life lessons and learnings with our students. I am sure it will help them a lot to cope with the current situation and stay focused on their goals. I am also optimistic that together we would be able to empower many more children and youth like these in need. Always grateful for the support that these changemakers have provided to Yuva Unstoppable time and again”, shared Amitabh Shah, founder & Chief Inspiration Officer, Yuva Unstoppable.