Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Collection Center Inaugurated in Guntur

Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Collection Center Inaugurated in Guntur

~The new state-of-the-art eye collection care centre appeals to join “Movement of Eye Donation” to eradicate corneal blindness from the society
Reinforcing their resolve to provide world-class eye care facilities across Andhra Pradesh, Dr. Agarwal’ s Eye Hospital today announced their opening of new state-of-the-art eye collection centre at Guntur, today offering one-stop solution for eye donation. The new Agarwal’s Eye Collection Center was inaugurated by Mr. Ganesh, Executive Director of Eye Bank Association of India (EBAI). During the inauguration, 25 social workers (NGO’s) from Telangana and Andhra were honored who are working in the moment of eye donation.

To tackle this problem & increase the awareness about Eye Donation & thus increase the Eye Collection, Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Bank is focusing on the creating awareness about eye donation to the general public. It appeals each Indian to come forward & join the MOVEMENT OF EYE DONATION to eradicate the corneal blindness from the society.

Inaugurating the new DR. AGARWAL’S EYE COLLECTION CENTER, Mr. Ganesh, Chief Executive Director of Eye Bank Association of India (EBAI) said,” Over 1.1 million people, majority of them young adults realize the value of sight because they do not have it. It is possible for their eye sight can be restored. The sight lost due to opaque cornea can be restored by replacing the opaque cornea with clear cornea and the eye donation movement and eye banking are striving to bridge the gap between availability and requirement.”

Speaking on inauguration Mr. Rajiv Manav, Sr. Manager, Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Bank, said, “Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Bank is committed to the noble Cause of eye donation since its inception in 1975. The Dr. Agarwal’s eye bank works round the clock promoting the Cause of eye donations, retrieving corneas from the donor and making them available to those require corneal transplantations. Till now Dr. Agarwal’s eye bank transplanted 50000+ corneas to needy, In that 40% belongs to the low poverty line. It is a small step towards the fight against corneal blindness.”

Dr. Agrawal’s Eye Bank has 10 eye donation centers in Tamil Nadu and 2 centers in Telangana. Today Agarwal’s Eye Bank is opening its first eye collection center in Andhra Pradesh. This Agarwal Eye Collection center, which is opening in Guntur, will work within 100 km radius of Guntur and Vijayawada.