~ A unique initiativeto educate and encourage hygiene habits among companies for a healthy life~

15th October 2019, Chennai: In line with the growing trend of firms opting to maintain a green and hygienic workspace for the overall welfare of employees, Casa Grande PropCare announced the launch of educational awareness program for corporate titled “PropCare Hygiene Fest.” This program is a novel initiative by the company to promote a healthy work environment through proper hygiene and wellness awareness across companies in India. Hosting their first activity at FLEX India at Sripermbudur, PropCare experts who are well trained in the latest techniques of facility management engaged with employees, educating them on the importance of proper personal and civic hygiene. The two day program specially crafted to promote hygiene and wellness saw the participation of over 6000 employees from across various departments. 

Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Venkatraman – Executive Vice President, Casa Grande PropCare said, “We are happy to launch the “PropCare Hygiene Fest” this year. This initiative aims at inculcating habits that promote wellness at the work place and in employee homes. Often times, these can be achieved through simple habit changes at an individual level. Through the fest we aim at educating people on proper and safe hygiene, use of eco-friendly cleaning products to safeguard the environment and encourage a healthy life both at work and home. The initial response from companies has been very encouraging and I’m sure this initiative will be a great success!”

The program was inaugurated by lamp lighting by Mr. Thiruselvam – Plant head - Flex, Mr. Yoganand – Head of Facilities - Flex, Mr Ramachandran – Production Head - Flex, Mr. Gopal – Head Business excellence - Flex and Mr Suruli Anand Sr VP – Operations -Casagrande Propcare. After the lamp lighting a briefing about the program highlights was done to the FLEX senior management team followed by the team signing a hygiene pledge on a white canvas. The Senior management team in FLEX unveiled the campaign mascot Mr BIN after which the program was officially declared as started.

PropCare Hygiene Fest is a one of its kind program that focuses on creating awareness about good hygiene practices one must follow personally, at home, at work place and thereby to the improvement of hygiene in society he lives. The program had many interesting engagement programs like the volunteers from Propcare demonstrated WHO recommended 7 step HAND WASH procedure to all the participants inside the restroom. Spot quiz on hygiene practices were asked to the employees and whoever answered correctly were gifted with a Hand sanitizer and Hand wash bottles as a gift. Mr. BIN the mascot for the campaign made an active infotainment to the employees by highlighting workplace etiquettes using placards and its groovy moves. All the participants signed a hygiene pledge and left their favorite slogans on a white canvas displayed inside the facility. Spin the wheel contest, drawing and slogan creation were some of the other activities of the campaign. At the end of the campaign, participants were seen picking up their own litters inside facility which was surprisingly applauded by the campaign team and whoever picked their litters were declared Hygiene champs and gifted on the spot by Mr BIN the mascot of the campaign.

Employee involvement in such initiatives will help towards better achieving the hygiene objectives of companies, maintain cleanliness at facilities and reduce accidents. This will result in the reduction of overall facility management cost to companies and improve employee health and productivity. 

Casa Grande PropCare is a facility management company headquartered in Chennai. The company provides a variety of services to some of the biggest names in the industry across various sectors. Having serviced companies for over 8 years, Casa Grande PropCare has experimented with actively involving employees to maintain cleanliness of company premises. 

Facilities where employees consciously partake to maintain the cleanliness have shown marked progress in achieving the company’s hygiene objectives compared to facilities without employee involvement. The “PropCare Hygiene Fest” addresses this area of facility management through a cleverly crafted awareness program that realigns an individual’s approach to hygiene through engagement and incentivized learning.