The Invisible Man Movie Review

The Invisible Man Movie Review


-Elisabeth Moss as Cecilia Kass
-Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Adrian Griffin, a scientist and Cecilia's abusive ex-husband.
-Aldis Hodge as Detective James Lanier, a childhood friend of Cecilia.
-Storm Reid as Sydney Lanier, the daughter of James.
-Harriet Dyer as Emily Kass, the sister of Cecilia.
-Michael Dorman as Tom Griffin, a lawyer and Adrian's twin brother.
-Benedict Hardie as Marc, an architect.
-Amali Golden as Annie
-Sam Smith as Detective Reckley
-Zara Michaels as Nurse
-Anthony Brandon Wong as Accident Victim
-Myles Rice as Security Guard

Elizabeth Moss starrer The Invisible Man is a spine chilling horror tale about domestic abuse and it's nerve wracking effects on the individual.

Elizabeth Moss delivers a stunning performance as the abused and portrays the role so near perfect that it seems the entire movie was written with her in mind. She shoulders the movie with some great acting and tremendous performance. 

The movie takes a twist after things seem normal for Moss, but for worse. It gets even more gripping and horrifying with the Invisible Man in play. The movie's horror elements work because it's real and not imaginary. The end of third act gives a change of scenery and it's a welcome change for all the tension built-up in the initial 80 minutes. 
A stunning ending to a gripping story and Elizabeth Moss stands tall amidst all the horror and terror that happens to her. Worth a watch