The Sathyalok Shanti Lulla MWRT -10 ,Rotary Club of Chennai Capital TANKER Foundation dialysis center

The Sathyalok Shanti Lulla MWRT -10 ,Rotary Club of Chennai Capital TANKER Foundation dialysis center
The Sathyalok Shanti Lulla MWRT -10 ,Rotary Club of Chennai Capital TANKER Foundation dialysis center
The Sathyalok Shanti Lulla MWRT -10 ,Rotary Club of Chennai Capital TANKER Foundation dialysis center

The Sathyalok Shanti Lulla MWRT -10 ,Rotary Club of Chennai Capital TANKER Foundation dialysis center was inaugurated on Thursday 29th July 2021 at 9.00.a.m at "Sathyalok Charitable Trust, Porur, Chennai”. This is a joint effort of Sathyalok,Mr.Sanjay Lulla, MWRT -10 ,Rotary Club of Chennai Capital and TANKER Foundation . TANKER Foundation will be running and managing the unit.This is TANKER Foundation's 13th Dialysis Centre.

The Unit was  inaugurated by Mr. Sanjay Lulla, Mr. Prem Watwani & Mr. Mukesh Khubchandani.Dr. Georgi Abraham of TANKER foundation ,Mr.Dushyanth Chairman MWRT 10 , Rotary Dist Gov Rtn Sridhar and Rtn Rajiv President Rotary Club of Chennai Capital also participated and spoke.Mrs.Latha Kumaraswami ,Managing Trustee TANKER Foundation gave an update about TANKER Foundation saying that TANKER had done over 416,104 lakh dialysis so far and given donations of over Rs.3.39 crore as donations.TANKER has also helped set up dialysis centres in Imphal Manipur,Kerala,MGM Pondicherry,Tanzania and Vennikulam Kerala and Port Blair,Andamans.She thanked all TANKER staff and all frontline workers for their selfless service especially during the pandemic.


Almost 2.5 lakh people die of kidney failure in India every year. It is the third-largest killer after malignancy and heart disease. Millions suffer from some form of kidney disease and many of them, particularly in India cannot afford the cost of treatment or care.


TANKER (Tamilnad Kidney Research) Foundation is a registered non-profit charitable organization started by Dr.georgi Abraham and like minded people in June 1993 with the aim of helping under-privileged patients with kidney disease by giving subsidized dialysis and one-time financial help for medication, investigation and transplantation and also to spread awareness about kidney disease. TANKER cares for those, the underprivileged, who suffer kidney problems of any kind, reversible or terminal, regardless of caste, creed, sex or religion.

We would be grateful for your good coverage in your esteemed newspaper/media channel. Your support will help us get more contributions and reach out to more underprivileged people suffering from kidney disease.


Grateful thanks for all your support and encouragement over the years.


Warm Regards,
Latha A Kumaraswami  

Managing Trustee, TANKER Foundation
President Elect, Secretary & Treasurer, International Federation of Kidney Foundation 

WKA World Kidney Day Steering Committee Member
+91 9940168728 (Whats app)+91 9600040011 


We have completed 28 years of service for the underprivileged with kidney ailments. With your help, we have meaningfully contributed to healthcare, research, training and advocacy connected to kidney disease. From June 1993 till June 2021, TANKER has provided 416,104 free and subsidized dialysis for 1950 patients. We have also given financial support of Rs. 3.39 Crores to 3620 patients as one-time contributions ranging from Rs. 5,000/- to Rs. 50,000/- for transplantation, medication, investigation and fistula surgery costs.

Our Twelve subsidized dialysis units have a total of 175 Dialysis Machines and are situated in 1. Ambattur Rotary Hospital, Chennai, 2. Arogya Trust, Chokkikulam, Madurai, 3. RVS College of Nursing, Kannampalayam, Coimbatore, 4. Corporation P.H.C, Nungambakkam, Chennai along with Rotary Club of Madras East, 5. Thiruverkadu, Chennai with Rotary Club of Madras West, 6. Vellore with Rotary Club of Vellore Fort 7. Corporation U. P. H. C, Retteri, Chennai along with Rotary Club of Chennai Towers, 8. Perungudi, Chennai with Corporation U.C.H.C 9. Corporation U.C.H.C, Valasaravakkam, Chennai along with Rotary Club of Chennai Coastal, 10. Corporation U.C.H.C , Injambakkam, Chennai along with Freemasons Lodge Accountants 194 and Lodge Accountants Charitable Trust 11.Tiruppur with Tiruppur North Rotary Club and Tiruppur Corporation, 12.Corporation U.C.H.C, Thiruvotriyur, Chennai along with Rotary Club of Madras Central Aadithya and Rotary Club of Madras East. We provide 5922 dialysis per month, of which 5659 are free of cost with valuable help from the Chief Minister's Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme (CMCHIS), Greater Chennai Corporation and other valuable donors. At present, we help 631 patients in our units.

We also have a dialysis facility at MGM Hospital, Pondicherry. In November 2009, we started our HIV Dialysis Unit providing dialysis to underprivileged HIV patients. This is the first of its kind in India.  Subsequently we also opened an HIV facility with 3 machines in Parumala, Kerala. We also support Kerala Kidney Research Foundation (KKRF), which provides free and subsidized dialysis at Thiruvalla Medical Mission, SH Hospital, Kottayam and PVS Hospital, Kochi. We have recently also donated 4 machines worth Rs. 24 Lakhs to KKRF.  In February 2016, TANKER helped Catholic Mission Centre Hospital, Imphal, Manipur with 4 machines and equipment worth Rs. 33 Lakhs. We have enabled the opening of two dialysis units one each in Pillar Hospital, Port Blair, Andaman and Lawley Hospital, Coonoor. TANKER along with The Madras Medical Mission has donated a machine to the Dar es salaam General Hospital in Tanzania.

Almost 2.5 lakh people die of kidney failure in India every year. It is the third largest killer after malignancy and heart disease. Along with helping our patients, spreading the word about kidney disease is equally important to TANKER. We have reached out to more than 1.89 lakh people with the 1279 Awareness Programmes we conducted at schools, colleges, law enforcement offices and public forums. We have also screened 35,793 individuals for early detection of kidney disease through our 423 screening camps. TANKER Foundation, Kerala Kidney Research Foundation and St. Behanan's Orthodox Church opened an awareness and screening center in St. Behanan's Orthodox Church at Vennikulam, Kerala on 03rd March 2021 to reach out to the needy. As the field of research in kidney diseases requires more attention and guidance in India, TANKER also gives awards for research in Nephrology and Service to the tune of Rs. 8 lakhs every year.

We are continuing to do dialysis for all our patients through our 12 dialysis units. Our grateful thanks again for your continued support. Please keep our staff and patients in your prayers.