The ‘7th Biennial Cancer Crusaders Golf Championship,’ hosted by CURE Foundation kickstarted at Hyderabad Golf Club!

The ‘7th Biennial Cancer Crusaders Golf Championship,’ hosted by CURE Foundation kickstarted at Hyderabad Golf Club!
The ‘7th Biennial Cancer Crusaders Golf Championship,’ hosted by CURE Foundation kickstarted at Hyderabad Golf Club!

The ‘7th Biennial Cancer Crusaders Golf Championship,’ hosted by CURE Foundation kickstarted at Hyderabad Golf Club!


Hyderabad, March 6, 2022: The world-class golf tournament, the 7th Biennial Cancer Crusaders Golf Championship, being organized by CURE Foundation as a fund raiser and awareness initiative, began on March 5th and will continue on Sunday March 6th, 2022, at the Hyderabad Golf Club. The Championship had the largest participation probably in any golf championship across the world, with more than 360 golfers. The championship was held in 3 sessions spanning over 2 days of March 5th and 6th. The format of the game is Stableford points, Handicap is picked using double peoria system. Various prizes will be awarded based on the HC category and the points received. There are exclusive prizes for women and senior participants, besides for individuals’ sessions.


According to Dr. Vijay Anand Reddy, through this event, we intend to raise money and spread cancer awareness in the society through extensive participation from ace golfers, outstanding sports persons, celebrity figures and opinion leaders. CURE Foundation was started in 2003 and through it, could help more than 2000 patients till date, to avail the State-of-the-art Cancer Care to the needy patients, especially Children. Cancer Awareness Programs always help, and sports are one of the best ways to do so. It’s a fact that one of every ten individuals is likely to suffer from cancer at some stage, therefore we should be aware of the symptoms and seek medical help and get screened. Prevention of cancer is even better than cure, therefore exercise becomes part of prevention, and nothing is better than sports and of all the sports I still feel Golf is the best and my life has changed since I adopted Golf. Decade back we used to see 70% of patients in advanced stages, off late because of extensive Cancer Awareness programs like this, we are able to see 70% of them in early stages and bring solace to the patients. Especially cancer in children is highly curable if provided right treatment, just because their parents can't afford, the children should not be denied the treatment. The Golfer community has been a huge support in helping these children avail good treatment. In fact, several Golfers are in touch with Cure foundation on regular basis and support individual patients whenever the need arises.


Mr Dayakar Reddy said, giving life to somebody is the biggest gift we can extend. Cure Foundation has grown in a big way over the years and HGA is lucky to have contributed in a small way. Cancer Crusaders Golf Championship is probably the largest charitable Golf tournament in the world. Lot of our members have tremendous interest in this tournament and the reason for their coming out is the good cause it is associated with.  


Mr Ajay Kumar Reddy said, the tournament will be played in three sessions on two days, March 5th and 6th, it will be a Stableford points, Handicap with a double peoria method adopted to pick the handicaps, there will be various prizes in the various categories of handicaps. We expect over 300 players and will be fun filled event.


Last six Editions of ‘Cancer Crusaders Golf Championship’

The first six editions of the Cancer Crusaders Invitation Cup organized biennially from 2010, were a runaway success. Former Indian cricket skipper Kapil Dev Nikhanj; Actor Nagarjuna; Star Tennis player Sania Mirza; Former All England Champion Pullela Gopichand; Cine Actresses Richa Gangopadhyay, Priyamani, Samantha; Pooja Hegde, Tamannaah Bhatia, Ritika Mohan Singh, Catherine Tresa, Ms Hebah Patel, Ms Daksha; Smt. K. Kavitha, Ms D.K. Aruna, Ms. Katherine Dhanani, Smt. Tejdeep Kaur Menon; Dr Sangita Reddy, Ms Shobana Kamineni,  Mrs Shilpa Reddy and more brought tremendous recognition to the tournament by participating along with the golf enthusiasts. This year too, around 250 Golfers are expected to participate in the tournament.


About CURE Foundation

CURE Foundation founded by Dr. P. Vijay Anand Reddy in 2003, is a spirited initiative to create consciousness on cancer prevention, early detection, cure & rehabilitation especially for the needful. In addition to spreading awareness for the benefit of the society, the foundation has facilitated State of the art Cancer Care to over 1300 needy patients, especially Children, till date, and is also engaged in numerous rehabilitation, research and education programs.


About Apollo Cancer Institutes, Hyderabad

Apollo Cancer Institutes, Hyderabad is the first super-specialty Cancer Hospital in the country. It revolves around hallmark four pillars of excellence. Clinical excellence ensuring outcomes that benchmark with the best in the world. Latest technology, Tomotherapy, Truebeam, Novalis TX, Pet-CT scan, Varian Brachytherapy, Robotic Surgery, Bone Marrow Transplant Unit etc., helping our oncologists deliver the highest standards of care all the time. Tender Loving Care, the quality of care is significantly enhanced when it is provided from the heart and the Apollo family has made ‘Tender Loving Care’ its universal mantra. Cost effective care delivered with the unique ‘Apollo Way’ ensuring complete patient satisfaction at an affordable cost. At Apollo Cancer Hospitals, Hyderabad we cure more cancers.