Summers got simpler with Chicco Sun Protection Range

Summers got simpler with Chicco Sun Protection Range
Summers got simpler with Chicco Sun Protection Range
Summers got simpler with Chicco Sun Protection Range

Summers got simpler with Chicco Sun Protection Range




Summer is synonymous with playing in the sun, enjoying water related activities and the outdoors. Keeping kid’s play time in mind, protection of skin is pivotal especially for babies and kids. The epidermis or the outermost layer of the skin in babies is quite thin and acts as a less effective barrier to sun’s harmful rays. Babies’ skin is functionally immature and more permeable and vulnerable since birth to the first 12 months. Other than this, 80% of explosion to sun radiation happens during the time period of 0 to 18 years. All these studies have made Chicco listen to the dire need of an effective sunscreen that takes care of babies’ skin as well as gives them freedom to enjoy and relish playing in the sunat the same time.


Balanced exposure to sunlight regulates Vitamin D levels and facilitates higher energy levels while being of absolute importance for the mental and physical development of thebaby. Chicco’s sun protection range protects the baby’s delicate skin making sun exposure completely safe. It can be easily carried in the mother bag while being travelling/outdoors and should be applied multiple times a day for proper skin protection.


It also offers triple protection from:


· UVA rays –They have short wave length but can cause solar erythema’s and indirect pigmentation on the outer layer of the skin.


· UVB rays-They are longer wavelength rays and can cause immediate and direct pigmentation. They rays goes deep within the skin and causes dehydration and damage to inner layers of skin.


· Infrared rays – They are the high wavelength rays as they penetrate most deeply in the skin to cause skin degradation.






On this basis, Chicco has developed the DermoPediatric Sun line.The advanced photoprotective 3P complex combines the UV protection of latest generation and also helps to reduce the penetration of IR rays.Why Choose Chicco Sun Line:


Filter’s persistence:Covers more homogenous coverage of skin surface and reduces mobility of filters and possibility of skin permeation.




IR Protection and anti-oxidant action:Chicco sun line is enriched with anti-oxidant ingredients like Vitamin E and Physalis extract and also creates a film which reduces penetration of IR rays.




Protection of water loss in the skin: The water contained in the hydrolipidic layer acts as a ‘Thermal flywheel’ and helps to preserve the water content.Chicco Sun line is made of non-ethoxylated emulsifier derived from jojoba oil and beeswax that helps to regulate the presence of water skin.




Therefore, Chicco sun line gives a perfect protection against harmful sun rays: 


1. Sunspray SPF 30 - Perfect solution for the babies who do not want to be held a lot and takes lesser time in application compared to the cream formulation.




2. Sunscreen SPF50+- For higher SPF and acting as a creamy layer of barrier, a cream sunscreen formulation is advised for the babies with a more sensitive skin to provide increased sun protection.




The sun protection range is completely free of parabens, PEG, silicones and alcohol. It is also water resistant so that it doesn’t get washed away too quickly once applied. Chicco sun protection range has the goodness of physalis extract and Vitamin E to keep the baby’s skin moisturized and hydrated.






Chicco Suncream SPF 50+ 75 ml- 899 INR


Chicco Sunspray SPF 30 150ml – 1099 INR




Availability: All Chicco and leading baby stores.


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