Stay updated on the 2022 elections with Alexa

Stay updated on the 2022 elections with Alexa
Stay updated on the 2022 elections with Alexa

Stay updated on the 2022 elections with Alexa

Get the latest election updates and notifications; follow your favorite party and candidates on Alexa

Just ask “Alexa, who will be the next CM for Uttar Pradesh?”


Customers rely on Alexa to answer various questions throughout the day, from sports scores and state capitals to trending news and the latest current events. And now, with election-results around the corner, Alexa will be able to give details of specific candidates, real-time election results across Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa and Manipur, and more. As the counting starts, Alexa will also be able to give details such as how many seats each party gained, and name of party that's leading in exit polls across states.


Alexa is ready to keep you updated with everything about the 2022 elections in India, including news from multiple media houses. Here are a few ways in which you can interact on any Echo, Fire TV, Alexa built-in smart devices, or on the shopping app (Android only) and stay updated with information regarding elections.


●        Election Schedule: Don’t miss on your right to vote. Stay updated on the polling dates for your constituency. Just ask,

○        “Alexa, when are the elections in Mirzapur?”  

○        “Alexa, मिर्जापुर में चुनाव कब हैं?”


●        State outline and Candidate Information: Alexa will now provide details about candidates and information related to states. You can ask,

○        ‘’Alexa, UP has how many seats?” Or “Alexa, यूपी में कितनी सीटें हैं?”

○        “Alexa, who is the BJP candidate in Amethi?” Or "Alexa, अमेठी में बीजेपी का उम्मीदवार कौन है?”

○        “Alexa, what is the educational qualification of Akhilesh Yadav?”

○        "Alexa, who are the CM candidates for Uttar Pradesh?”


●        Result updates: Stay updated with election results just by asking:

o    “Alexa, give me who is leading in Punjab” Or “Alexa, पंजाब में कौन जीत रहा है?”

o    “Alexa, who won the election in Goa” Or “Alexa, गोवा में चुनाव किसने जीता?”

○         "Alexa, when are the election results?" Or “Alexa, चुनाव परिणाम कब हैं?"

○         “Alexa, who is leading in Noida?” Or “Alexa, नोएडा में कौन आगे चल रहा है??"

○         ‘’Alexa, who won the elections in Uttarakhand?” Or “Alexa, उत्तराखंड में चुनाव किसने जीता?’’

○         ‘’Alexa, how many seats Congress won in Goa?” Or “Alexa, गोवा में कांग्रेस ने कितनी सीटें जीतीं?"


●        Election News: You can get more news about ongoing elections through Alexa skills developed by multiple media houses such as India Today, AajTak, News18, Dainik Jagran and Times Now, and Editorji. Just ask,

○        “Alexa, play election news”

○        ‘’Alexa, play news from Aaj Tak’’

○        ’Alexa, play news from India Today”