Kotak Business Banking Celebrates Father’s Day with Ranveer and his dad!

Kotak Business Banking Celebrates Father’s Day with Ranveer and his dad!

Superstar Ranveer Singh’s father speaks about their unique bond


Some bonds are irreplaceable, and the one that fathers have with their sons is certainly one of them. Celebrating this special relationship ahead of Father’s Day on 19th June, Kotak Business Banking has released a heart-warming short film featuring Jugjeet Singh, an entrepreneur and father to Bollywood icon Ranveer Singh. In this candidly shot film Jugjeet opens his heart about how his relationship has evolved beautifully over the years with Ranveer, a much-loved millennial icon who is known for his power-packed performances on the silver screen. The film goes beyond Ranveer, the actor and shows us Ranveer, the son. The film showcases how Ranveer values his core support system - his family - above everything.


The film stresses upon the need for parents to understand the potential their child possesses and to motivate them to nurture their talents, so that they can conquer new heights.


Introducing himself as “Ranveer Singh’s Papa”, Jugjeet shares some interesting and lesser known aspects of his son’s persona, including how Ranveer realised that he wanted to become an actor. In the video, he says that when Ranveer first spoke of his calling as an actor, Jugjeet encouraged him to give it his best shot. Today, when he sees how his son has won the blessings of millions, Jugjeet’s heart swells with pride.


Jugjeet also shares that as a father, he always thought that Ranveer would carry forward his business, but life had different plans. He says, “Just as Ranveer trusts my experience, I trust his passion. When it comes to managing his business I am his support system just the way I rely on Kotak Business Banking for my business needs.”


Speaking about how his relationship with Ranveer has evolved over time, Jugjeet says, “For the world, my son may be a superstar but at home he is a doting son who now “parents” me and my wife and has set strict rules for us with respect to our health check-ups, exercise etc. It’s almost like we have switched roles, and this is indeed a lovely feeling.” 


Tonic Worldwide, in association with Swaraj Productions, has created the film. Click here to watch. The film is being released across Kotak Mahindra Bank’s digital and social media platforms.


 This Father's Day, watch Mr. Jugjeet Singh speak about his son, Ranveer Singh, and their relationship. It is profound, heart-warming, and introduces you to the son behind the superstar.

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