instrucko has a new mommy and it’s Genelia Deshmukh

instrucko has a new mommy and it’s Genelia Deshmukh
instrucko has a new mommy and it’s Genelia Deshmukh

instrucko has a new mommy and it’s Genelia Deshmukh


Bengaluru 16th July 2021: After a big blockbuster with Mrs Kareena Kapoor Khan, actor-producer Genelia Deshmukh is the latest addition to the list of celebrity moms that has logged onto, a language learning platform from the U.K. for 3+ year olds that focuses on building communication skills among kids through storytelling methods. Doting mother to seven-year-old Riaan and five-year old Rahyl, Genelia has placed her trust in this platform to bring her kids a step closer to success


Speaking about her kids’ experience with instrucko, Genelia shared, “instrucko has changed the way my kids learn. The content is interactive, engaging, and has a holistic approach. With the help of instrucko’s English and Spanish language classes, my kids have become more independent, they’ve learned to express themselves clearly and speak with confidence. I can proudly say that both my kids are on their way to becoming eloquent, fluent, multi-lingual and compassionate.”


Genelia was especially impressed by instrucko’s unique approach to teaching using storytelling techniques to deliver lessons. The teachers are certified, trained and compassionate so you know your kids are in good hands. instrucko’s cross curricular approach enhances children’s life skills, critical thinking skills and emotional intelligence to equip them with skills they need inside and outside the classroom. instrucko’s unique approach enables children to gain knowledge in subjects like Maths, History, Philosophy, Geography and more whilst being focussed on communication skills.


instrucko has made strides within the first year of its launch by tying up with illustrious institutions of learning such as the MS Dhoni Global School and Literacy India.


Within a year of inception, instrucko has curated an exclusive panel of leading educationists who have carefully created lesson plans keeping today’s needs in mind. The content is exclusive to the instrucko platform and has been created by alumni from University of Oxford and vetted by Headmasters and Headmistress of top schools in the U.K. The learning is bespoke, personalised and interactive. instrucko’s partners include EtonX, an online subsidiary of Eton College, focussed on specialised and certified courses for teenagersLink to the video -


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About instrucko specializes in teaching English French, Spanish, Mandarin, German, Hindi, Public Speaking and Creative Writing to children from the age of 3-15 years. instrucko’s live classes one to one and group classes are conducted by teachers from India and native speakers. Given the busy schedule, parents can choose the timings of the lesson at their convenience. Every learner is different, and we identify, recognize and foster their learning capabilities in a unique manner to ensure holistic development in both academic and extra-curricular spheres. The instrucko way is to nurture future leaders, globally. Its courseware has been created by leading educationists in the United Kingdom and alumni from University of Oxford




instrucko time their lessons perfectly. Our one to one and group lessons offer sufficient time to offer a comprehensive, immersive learning experience for your child, without risking cognitive overload.




As compelling is the courseware, devised by the United Kingdom’s leading educationists and the steppingstone it provides to its pupils through their teenage years. instrucko provides directed guidance to EtonX courses for learners aged thirteen upwards – drawing on centuries of expertise from Eton College. EtonX’s courses are designed to help teenagers to get into the top universities.