Switz Patti Samosas

Switz Patti Samosas
Switz Patti Samosas

Mumbai / Chennai, 09th May 2019: Ramzan is the holy month of the Muslim calendar, dedicated to prayer and introspection. On each day of this holy month, the fast begins before dawn and ends at dusk. No food or water. It’s tough.

However, it’s also a month of celebration in the family as Suhoor and Iftaar preparations are underway. While dates and milk are the focus for Suhoor to sustain one throughout the day; the Iftaar platter usually comprises of fruits and the humble Samosa. Flat, triangular and crispy, filled with Kheema in most cases.

All through the month of Ramzan, globally as well as in parts of India, almost all Iftaar meals will have the traditional Patti Samosa as a part of the daily fare.

The humble samosa (or Sambosa, as it is called in the country of its origin) is a Yemeni dish, a staple of the Iftaar platter. This Yemeni tradition travelled through traders throughout the Arab world, Eastern Africa and Western India. With globalization, this tradition has spread with Muslim communities as far as North America, Canada, the UK, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand.

Yes, Iftar is incomplete without the crispy Samosa!

Switz is the world leader in the manufacturing of Samosa Dough Sheets, a traditional dough-based thin samosa pastry, helping home-chefs create delicious samosas right at home.

Mr. Quresh Master, CEO, Switz International says, “We celebrate the homemaker. We make her life easier by taking the drudgery out of cooking and allowing her to concentrate on creativity and taste. We’ve added spring roll sheets, filo pastry, paratha, puff pastry to give a more varied offering.”