Pizza Hut strengthens its Contactless Delivery and Takeaway service in Chennai

Pizza Hut strengthens its Contactless Delivery and Takeaway service in Chennai

Pizza Hut, India’s most loved and trusted pizza brand, strengthens its contactless delivery and takeaway services in Chennai, ensuring Trust In Every Bite as the single most important priority. The experiential contactless service was especially curated for all the customers who want their pizza right out of the oven, untouched by any human hand so that they continue to have access to tastiest pizzas that are safe and hygienic.

With an increase in customer demand for contactless options, Pizza Hut introduced innovative solutions like Contactless Delivery and Contactless Takeaway where the brand has experienced a significant uptake currently. Pizza Hut ensures maximum level of safety and hygiene to its customers who choose to either pick-up their order from the store or get the order delivered at their doorstep. Pizza lovers just need to simply place orders on the Pizza Hut app, m-site, website or via the menu board in restaurants. Food is then baked at over 240 degree Celsius for a minimum of six minutes to eliminate all viruses and bacteria and packed piping hot straight from the oven into disinfected boxes. The container is then sealed with tamper proof stickers to ensure that only the consumer is able to touch the meal inside. The staff thereafter places the order on a designated pre-sanitized area for customer to collect the order for takeaways. While delivering, Pizza Hut delivery executive places the packed food on a clean surface, near the doorstep of the customer and waits at a distance of 6 feet to make sure that the customer has picked up the order and no direct contact is established at any point ensuring safety of our customers and employees.

In fact, the brand witnessed significant increase in cheque sizes on delivery orders during these times, especially for orders meant for groups of people living together. Therefore great value offers have been running on all channels –‘Buy 1, Get 1 Free’ on medium pizzas and Triple Treat Box wherein one can save 40% - both these offers are meant for families and larger group sizes. ‘My Box’ starting at Rs. 179 is also launched in select cities, across delivery and takeaway for solo consumption, as people will be conscious about sharing food amidst the pandemic.

With the unlock, Pizza Hut resumed its dine-in service as well by implementing Contactless dine-in processes across Pizza Hut restaurants, wherein right from accessing the menu via QR codes placed on the table to making payments, the entire process is made digital. Lately, On-the-Go Takeaway has also been introduced in India post its successful launch in various markets globally. Here, customers can pick-up their order while on-the-go directly from Pizza Hut’s oven to their ride. With Contactless services in place, Pizza Hut upgraded their digital assets including the website, m-site and mobile app for a faster, easier and more seamless experience. Several location data and geofencing tools have also been introduced to augment delivery efficiencies.

 To ensure highest standard of food preparation and handling, Pizza Hut has implemented all regulatory protocols and guidelines issued from time to time by the government, WHO and FSSAI; such as thermal screening of employees and visitors, mandatory use of face masks and gloves, washing hands every 30 minutes and disinfecting all kitchen surfaces, food packing boxes, delivery bags and bikes regularly. The brand has been transparent about how the food is prepared, packed and delivered via its end-to-end contactless processes across platforms, which in turn gives the much needed assurance to customers that the food they are consuming has not been touched by any other hand. Pizza Hut has also trained their restaurant staff as per upgraded safety and hygiene norms using several in-person and digital tools. In addition, daily checks by store leads and quarterly inspection by area coaches are done to ensure that food safety, restaurant hygiene and brand standards are understood and practiced stringently by all working staff.