Ayurvedic practices to improve immunity

Ayurvedic practices to improve immunity

We all are aware with the fact that good immunity is essential most elements for living a healthy life as it defends and sustains our body from all ailments. There are some ayurvedic practices which are highly required for improving the immunity levels in our body all year round.

According to Yusuf N Shaikh, Founder Kudrati Ayurveda, “Distancing oneself from the contaminants is the foremost things for maintain the immunity in our body. The heavy impurities in the atmosphere has now resulted to some serious collision of many toxic bodies inside our body which further mixes up with toxins and toxic anti-nutrients. This results in destruction of immunity of intestinal lining. Diet must include fruits, nuts, legumes and vegetables which will power up body’s aptitude to cleanse the preoccupied toxins from the environmental chaos.

There can be some elements that persist in every season’s balanced diet but none of the edibles suit the conditions of every season. While cooling crudites and fluids are perfect for the summer; warming, protein-rich elements are the must-have for vata (winter) season. Freshly cooked vegetables are easier for the body to digest and assimilate than the junk foods.

Global modernization has given birth to a new ailment known as Stress. Maximum professionals working in big cities and corporates are dealing with the newly born ailment. Many of the professionals have switched to bad habits of smoking and drinking to distress themselves. One of the fruitful habits to avoid stress is regular exercise or yoga and meditation. Physical workout stimulates chemicals in the brain that helps you to relax and improves your moral.

Ideal sleep routines in terms of Ayurveda includes going to bed early in the night and waking up in the early morning hours before sunrise. This would not just give you immense time to work upon yourself but will also help in stimulating your body’s cleansing systems. Simple body movements before sunrise like a small walk or Pranayam would keep you active all through the day by keeping aside all the lazy, sleepy vibes. Working all day with no or untimely rest routines won’t let the body synthesize the nutrients well even with the best of food getting into it and this would severely hamper the immune.