Innovative Novel treatment for shoulder fractures by LIMA Hospital

Innovative Novel treatment for shoulder fractures by LIMA Hospital
Dr Ravi Kriubanandan , FRCS (Ortho-Ed) and Dr J S Rajkumar Chairman and Chief Surgeon , LIMA hospitals along with patient who was given an innovative novel treatment for a shoulder fracture.

Chennai, 22nd August 2019: Shoulder fractures can be very depressing physically and mentally and it can even lead to prolonged stiffness if not treated properly. Fracture fixations by plate and screws in shoulder can give rise to complications like restricted shoulder movements, feeling the movement of the plate causing discomfort and in some cases the screw that holds the plating can pierce through the joints thus leading to more complications.


Inorder to overcome these challenges, the Orthopedic team from LIMA successfully used a new intra-medullary humeral implant developed by Pr. Levon Doursounian (Paris) into a 47 year old patient who had a badly shattered shoulder fracture. We believe this is a first evernovel surgery done in Tamilnadu at LIMA hospitals. 


“Generally, shoulder fractures are dealt with by fixing plates, where the bones are held together and the patient has to live his entire life with the foreign object or till the position of the shoulder is fixed. This innovative technique has an implant which is an internal shoulder prosthesis. The implant does not disturb the anatomy of the shoulder thus giving the best outcome,” says Dr. Ravi Kirubanandan, FRCS (Ortho-Ed), Senior Orthopedic surgeon at LIMA hospitals.


The minimally invasive surgery involvedvery little blood loss and took just one hour to complete. The patient was comfortable and discharged the next day without any complications. The patient and his family were overwhelmed and thankful to the surgical team at LIMA for the efficient way in which the procedure was carried out.


 “This technique is definitely a game changer in treatments for shoulder bone fractures andawareness about this is very less in India. In Tamil Nadu, this is the first time that this novel surgical method has been carried out. We believe this practice will benefit the patients at large thus easing their lifestyle post shoulder surgery. We congratulate our Senior Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Ravi Kirubanandan, and the entire ortho team of LIMA hospitals for this novel treatment,” saidDr.J.S.Rajkumar Chairman of LIMA hospitals.