My film suffered a lot to get theatres because of You: Actor Udhaya letter to Vishal

My film suffered a lot to get theatres because of You: Actor Udhaya letter to Vishal

Mr. Vishal 
President of TFPC,
GS of Nadigar Sangam,

I take this opportunity to wish your movie, #Ayogya a massive success, and it will get released soon to packed houses. I wholeheartedly wish the issues affecting the release of movie shall be sorted out soon. 

Recently I came to know from an article in The Hindu that you said that my movie, #Utharavu Maharaja did not have good content & hence only 4 people might have watched it.

I do appreciate and respect every ones opinion and comments whether it is positive or negative. I also take good points in criticism. But I never carried away with blind comments. And unfortunately your comment on my movie was a blind comment because am sure that you have not watched that movie. 

My film sufferred a lot to get theaters. And you know very well how that happened since you are the person who paved way for its disaster. I will be thankful to you for entire life for it. 

I have received sincere feed back from industry and auidence regarding the theme,  content, Actors, acting and direction. And am satisfied with these sincere comments. Because I know that my film made a decent business. Even though it released in few theaters people watched this movie. 

There is nothing wrong in criticizing any movie but do not do that with personal grudges or with some other intention. And every one knows what you have contributed sitting in a responsible position. Time will prove everything my friend.... Nothing else to tell.. I believe in a simple theory "What goes around will comes around"

I sincerely wish that  Ayoga should become a  success.. Let God favour you. 

All the best,