India holds an important place in the global education ecosystem

India holds an important place in the global education ecosystem
India holds an important place in the global education ecosystem

India holds an important place in the global education ecosystem, with 998 Universities, 39931 Colleges, 10725 Standalone Institutions and 34.6 million students, the Indian HE boasts of having the largest HE system in the world in terms of institutions and second-largest in terms of enrollment.




The National Education Policy 2020 was released in July -2020, years after the previous policy. The policy is built on foundational pillars of Access, Equity, Quality, Affordability, and Accountability, and is aligned with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It has set a new paradigm by emphasizing on multidisciplinary and liberal education, moving towards institutional and faculty autonomy, co-existence of public and private higher educational institutions on equitable terms, promotion of research ecosystem, a credit-based system of circular composition for a different level of qualifications, engagement with society, practice labs and focus on emerging technologies to plan, design and deliver the 21st-century education.




Mr Sandeep Behera, Director - Branding and Promotions , Karunya , Deemed to be University moderated the Talk Show and he said , As we move towards self-reliance it is imperative for universities and higher education institutions (HEIs) to develop an ecosystem that instills resilience, encourages innovation, promotes sustainability and enables students and the workforce to be enterprising to face the disruptive future.




The Talk show on Higher Education was organized by BRAND INDIA, Delhi, on 26th of March-2021, through a special Live Webinar from 11 am to 1 pm. The broadcast was also Live on YouTube. Students, Faculties, Academicians were invited to be a part of this wonderful event . 




Brand India is a knowledge platform and wants to be the voice of India's business captains from diverse Industries. It specializes in the CSR domain, Event Management, Publishing & Research. It encourages debates, seminars, conferences on diverse subjects and through continuous engagement it wants to influence the policymakers of our country.








# Developing research ecosystem: Role of Universities


# Building a global/world-class Higher Education system


# Digital education? What next 


# Integrating skills within Higher Education framework.








# To develop a shared understanding of the emerging models to prepare the youth.


# To develop a mechanism for bridging the skills gap and industry demands.


# To meet the challenges of the future.


# To create a comprehensive approach on the various opportunities around higher education.


# To seek an understanding of the industry on the kind of knowledge force that is needed.








# Edupreneurs and Founders


# Industry leaders, c- level executives from IT & ITES 


# Decision makers, policymakers and Govt. officials’ functionaries.


# Vice Chancellors, Directors, Deans and Registrars.


# Start-up owners, Government dignitaries, Directors of Engineering and MBA Colleges, HR professionals of MNCs.




Two eminent educationist of the country Dr M J Xavier , Former Director of IIM , Ranchi ,Professor of Marketing and Business Analytics - LIBA and Dr Jawahar Surriseti, Advisor to Government, TED speaker, start - up Mentor , Best Selling Author were present and gave their insights on the Role of Higher Eduction and way forward and as well spoke on the changing dynamics of the education industry post covid.




Dr M J Xavier said that today the businesses are completely networked , running on different platforms and managed by algorithms . There is a massive digital transformation and a large shift for companies in the new environment.He also said that the education industry is completely resistant to change but Carona is a blessing to the industry . NEP- 20202 has got a vision and allows total flexibility to students.




Dr Jawahar Surisetti said that Looking at the industry perspective it looks for inclusion. Gender inclusion is also important now in the Board Meetings. Innovation is the key to success,


Now - A - Days the outcome will be measured and not mere degrees. Upgradation program is getting developed for faculties to teach students and make them industry ready. In the new education policy , skilling, design thinking , co- ordination, more inclusion , more creativity will be given importance and everything will be multi disciplinary.




The thanks note was given by the moderator , Mr Sandeep Simon Behera, Director - Branding of Karunya , Deemed to be University, Coimbatore. The founder of Brand India , Nidhi Simon also extended her best wishes to Dr Xavier and Dr Jawahar for their detailed insights on Higher Education.




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