'Tattva-The Studio' for Yoga and dance launched at ECR

'Tattva-The Studio' for Yoga and dance launched at ECR
'Tattva-The Studio' for Yoga and dance launched at ECR
'Tattva-The Studio' for Yoga and dance launched at ECR
'Tattva-The Studio' for Yoga and dance launched at ECR

Chennai’s latest studio for Yoga and dance, Tattva - The Studio launched at ECR on 27th January 2020. Nikita Vijay and Ram Krish played the perfect host as they welcomed the city’s popular actors, cricketers and socialites.

Tattva is a Sanskrit word which means “Elements” and Tattva - The Studio is founded to create awareness on being fit and choosing the right workout for a healthy living. Launched at ECR on the 27th of January, the studio focuses on everything that involves movements and combines the same with the five elements of nature. 

Tattva believes in encouraging and promoting fitness & healthy living which they believe is the “NEED OF THE HOUR”. Their core objective is to help an individual transform themselves starting from their inner selves. 

Tattva offers a variety of niche and effective movement-based workouts under one roof. Be it rigorous yoga (both Aerial & Mat), animal flows, dynamic movements and different styles of dancing, Tattva has it all.

(With a variety of services like basic stretches and basic weights that are useful in our daily lives, elements based yoga, dance-based yoga/workout, aerial yoga, dynamic moves with music and meditation. 

Their dance styles include but not limited to, ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Freestyle, and Bollywood.)

These programs are carefully curated & scheduled by their in-house experts to cater to all age groups. 

Behind this creation are two passionate minds, Nikita Vijay & Ram. 

Nikita is a successful entrepreneur. She is the founder of Label Eva – a premium & organic clothing label for girls, and Impressions Forever – 3D casting & impressions brand. She has beautifully embraced motherhood and is a happy mother of 3 and has simultaneously pursued her dreams for Yoga and Dance. Nikita has been learning & practicing them the past 2 years and is one of the passionate brains behind Tattva. 

Ram, an interior designer by profession. Having worked in IT for several years, he pursued his passion for interior designing. He wanted to be remembered as a “breath of fresh air” in the interior design space. He is now a successful designer in Bricks & Beams, a Chennai based design & construction company. He has his own design success stories and his midas touch has transformed many celebrity homes & commercial boutiques in Chennai and neighbouring places. 

Murali Vijay is Tattva's fitness ambassador & fitness mentor. The man needs no introduction. He is a passionate and one of the dynamic cricketers of India. He believes that fitness is fundamental in an individual’s life and should be their primary purpose. He hopes Tattva helps them achieve that and lays the foundation for everyone who considers fitness as their objective and transformation as their goal.

Address: Tattva,
3/620 Amara Ananta, East Coast Road,
Palavakkam, Chennai - 41

Operational Hours: 

6:30 AM to 8:30 AM 

From Monday to Saturday