National Food & Beverages sponsors Falcon Dashers for the Delhi Badminton League

National Food & Beverages sponsors Falcon Dashers for the Delhi Badminton League
National Food & Beverages sponsors Falcon Dashers for the Delhi Badminton League

National Food & Beverages is the preferred Indian company specializing in importing Japanese & Korean foods and beverages to India under multiple brand names. They are one of the most premium importers of Healthy and Detoxifying Tea's in India whose benefits are notable and show visible results on the body. They have a wide range of tea’s like Ginseng Tea, Barley Tea, Brown Rice Tea, Matcha Tea, Sencha Tea, Bancha Tea, Green Latte and several others. 

The event starts on 25th January 2020 and goes on till 29th January 2020 in Thyagaraj Stadium and is in partnership with Yonex Sunrise. The Teams that are participating in the event are Falcon Dashers, Thunderbirds, Delhi Eagles, Delhi Super Smashers, Power Smashers, New Delhi Royals, S3 Smashers and Delhi Dynamites.

“It is very important that the players intake healthy foods and drinks and there is no one who could justify its worth other than National Food and Beverages. We, as a team highly motivate all the badminton players to keep a check on what they consume and Matcha Teas is definitely a heads up for them.” says Sanjeev Rishi, Owner, Falcon Dashers

Keeping in minds the benefits of the Ginza Matcha Tea, National Food and Beverages has decided to sponsor the Falcon Dashers in the Delhi Badminton League. The consumption of this tea shall help in imparting indelible benefits to the entire body of the players and the audience as it thoroughly boosts the metabolism and their ability to outperform.

With this partnership, the aim is to provide single platform to Sub Junior, Junior and Senior category players of Delhi to showcase their skill and capabilities. This platform even seeks to provide them a holistic exposure that shall boost their game and confidence while shaping them to be future champions from Delhi. Not only this, this is an exceptionally beneficial stage to promote badminton as a sport.

“It gives me immense pleasure and gratification to see how these young children are actually outperforming. For a brighter future of the country, I was highly keen on sponsoring the team as I was highly impressed by their game. I really wish and hope for their brighter future endeavors. Also, the goodness of the Matcha Tea will help them get rid of the toxins, boost their immunity and leave a positive impact on their game.” says Amit Goel, Co-Founder, National Food and Beverages

Adding to this, the Ginza’s Matcha Tea will only add on to benefitting the body of the players for their extraordinary performance. This activity is very beneficial for all the athletes and this shall even help the brand to reach its target audience while educating them about the benefits of this tea.

This promotional activity shall help in providing a platform to promote products, Connect brand with urban, Semi-urban and rural target groups and also, transform consumers into loyal consumers and outreach brand advocacy. This will even enhance Brand Visibility with product penetration and position via Merchandising, Signage at the venue, Awards, Presentation, Fan contest and several other interactions.