Women Inspiring Network organized an awareness campaign on Breast Cancer

Women Inspiring Network organized an awareness campaign on Breast Cancer
Women Inspiring Network organized an awareness campaign on Breast Cancer

Women Inspiring Network organized an awareness campaign on Breast Cancer

~ The event witness Padmashri awarded leading oncologist, Breast Cancer survivors and demonstration by Discovering Hands India~

New Delhi, Thursday, 13th October 2022: Women Inspiring Network (WIN), an inspirational storytelling network that creates, shares, informs & inspires women, organized a Breast Cancer Awareness event on 12th October 2022 at Kylin, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj. The event was attended by Angelique Dhama, CEO, Obeetee Retail; Ishita Yashvi and Swati Suri, Entrepreneurs and Content Creators; Sneh Jha, Director, Marketing & Communications ,Accor India & South Asia; Rajat Gulati, Marketing Head Ambience Mall; Sourav Khanijo Founder Kylin; Ruchi Rupramka, Makeup artist, Padmashri Dr. Pramod Kumar Julka, and Gayatri Skhri, Makeup artist among others. The event was supported by KZ07, Ambience Mall, and Discovering Hands India. .

The panel session was organized, where Padmashri awarded Dr. Pramod Kumar Julka, the leading oncologist talked about the issues that lead to breast cancer, alarming symptoms, and precautions that need to be focussed. The Breast Cancer survivors shared their inspiring winning stories and experiences with the guests. The event also saw the demonstration session by Discovering Hands team on identifying symptoms by oneself.

Stuti Jalan Founder, Women Inspiring Network (WIN), said, “It is the responsibility of each member of the society to be aware of Breast Cancer and educate themselves on how best they can support our fellow members in their fight against it. With this goal in mind, we have taken this initiative abiding by our social responsibility and with the motive to educate society. We eagerly look forward to an evening where women from across the fields of Doctors, Entrepreneurs, Entertainment, and media, among others, will be coming under one roof to support this important cause and generate a much-needed conversation on the topic. The aim of the event is to create awareness about Breast Cancer and make strides to ensure that every woman has access to the resources, consultations and support that they require to power through this fight.”

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among women and the fifth leading cause of cancer death overall. Regardless of medical advances, everyone knows someone diagnosed with the disease. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in Indian women. According to the Union Ministry, with a 25.8 percent occurrence rate and a 12.7% mortality rate per 100,000. Inequality characterizes the global burden of breast cancer mortality. Women Inspiring Network (WIN) encourages women to take precautions and steps to detect it early when it is more treatable and reduce the number of cases in the country.

About WIN:

Women Inspiring Network is an inspirational storytelling network that emerged out of the lockdown to connect aspiring women leaders from different walks of life. Now, with a community of 7000 remarkable women, WIN connects a vibrant network of female leaders who create a domino effect of sharing and empowering. We are a first-of-its-kind digital network that shines a light on the awe-inspiring stories of female achievers. We also provide them with a content platform where, by connecting with each other over their journeys, they can continue to inform and inspire young professionals. As a women-founded and women-only team, we at WIN recognize and shine a light on stories that are relevant to contemporary gender equations. Ours is a comprehensive movement to Pay It Forward. Link: https://www.womeninspiringnetwork.com/

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Discovering Hands India

Tactile breast examination is a unique breast screening methodology developed by renowned German gynaecologist Dr. Frank Hoffmann and his organization discovering hands (certified by Rehabilitation Council of Germany) to provide accessible breast screening for women of all age groups. This technique employs the superior sense of touch of trained visually impaired women, to detect the minutest abnormalities in the breast, by a standardized breast examination undertaken with the support of Braille strips. This technique is integrated with standard methodology of Self Breast Examination (SBE) and ultrasonography /mammography to provide different options to help women detect abnormalities at an early stage by regular screening. For more information please refer to this link: discovering hands- Germany

This program is successfully implemented in Germany, Austria, Columbia, Mexico and Nepalwith over 1,00,000 women screened. Visually impaired women under this program undergo a 5 day assessment to get selected in the program. After successfully completing the assessment they are enrolled in the 9 month training program where they learn about anatomy, physiology, types of lump and screening practices and the tactile breast examination technique. Research Study: Diagnostic Accuracy of Breast Medical Tactile Examiners (MTEs) was published in 2019 on the technique in Breastcare and the program has been recipient of many prestigious awards. You can read more about the project in THE GLOBAL JOURNAL.