Keep your dog safe with the power of neem

Keep your dog safe with the power of neem

With summer peaking, the heat can get to anyone, making it difficult to keep cool. Summers is particularly difficult for pets. The heat and sweat makes them susceptible to dehydration and heat strokes. This is also the season when the ticks attack our pets

Ticks are small insects that can cause serious health issues. Ticks feed off pet’s blood by attaching themselves to the skin of the animals, in the process, transferring bacteria, viruses and parasite from one animal to the other. Tick infestation can cause skin diseases, fever, loss of appetite among others.

To keep your pets safe and tick free, follow simple routine:

  1. Keep your pets indoor as possible. Ticks thrive in warm and humid conditions
  2. Monitor their food and water carefully, make sure they are hydrated
  3. Brush the coat after walks carefully. If you find ticks, act immediately by removing the ticks. Make sure the ticks are removed properly. Seek your vet’s advice
  4. Tick collar will help keep ticks at bay
  5. Use neem oil to clean the pets coat
  6. Clean the floor with a natural floor cleaner to keep their skin and coat clean.

Hari S Raman, pet owner says “I depend on natural products for my dogs. I use neem oil and neem-based floor cleaner, Nimyle. Living with 3 dogs, one has to be very careful to make sure there are no infections.  When I researched,I found that neem is the best option for my pets. Besides having anti-bacterial, anti- fungal, natural insecticide properties, it is impossible to develop resistance towards neem, means I don’t have to worry about changing the product after a few months of use.”

Products like Nimyle bring the 100% goodness of neem. Such products are easy to use and pocket friendly. Use of neem in floor cleaners also benefits the pet’s skin. NirmitiPrassi, Dog trainer and co-founder, Cheeky Paws, said, “More times than not, the skin rashes present under the dog’s bellies are caused because of the product that has been used to mop the floor. In summers, dogs love to stretch themselves on the floor. It becomes very important to keep the floors clean. A natural floor cleaner like Nimyle is a welcome change in this segment. What is interesting to note is that its natural formula has not caused any reactions in cats as well. I personally use the product and I rest assured knowing that my floors are safe for my kids as well as pets”

This summer, keep your pet healthy and safe. More importantly, don’t forget to enjoy your daily walks with your pets and keep the fun going.