CREDAI Telangana taken measures to tackle the COVID 19 outbreak

CREDAI Telangana taken measures to tackle the COVID 19 outbreak

Launches a program “CREDAI CARES” to create awareness

Issues Guidelines to members, Owners Associations & Offices with best practices to tackle COVID 19 pandemic

 The Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India (CREDAI) Telangana is playing a key role in implementation of containment measures at the sites by launching a program “CREDAI CARES”. CREDAI Telangana issued guidelines for the members in view of the prevailing COVID 19 crisis. The guidelines outlines best practices for the Construction Sites, Offices and Owners Association to safeguard the employees & communities in times of COVID-19 pandemic. The real estate practices have become a tightrope to walk as realtors are trying to balance responsibilities with measures to protect employees, buyers and themselves.

 ~Construction sites/ Offices/ Apartment Associations should be disinfected multiple times of a day
 ~ The sites should have a cleaning station in the vicinity where adequate soap solution is made available. All personnel are advised to wash their hand thoroughly for about  20 seconds .
 ~Construction crews have been provided with a designated wash area, and the crew has been advised to adopt a no-contact policy. All employees and crews are subjected to thermal scans to identify sick personnel  
~Encourage personnel to bring their own lunch box and avoid eating outside.
 ~Avoid personal contact including handshake amongst workers and outside visitors.
~People who are not considered essential for business shall not be permitted to enter and stay inside the site/office.
~The developers should address the workers about the precautions to be taken both at site and at their homes. Encourage all people at home to follow the same protocols. Give importance to personal hygiene and the need to avoid gatherings of any kind.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. G Ram Reddy, Chairman, CREDAI Telangana said, “CREDAI Telangana have implemented strict measures to ensure that all our members, employees , partners , stakeholders remain safe from COVID-19. We have undertaken an extensive drive to educate all our employees on the seriousness of Coronavirus, identifying infections, and measures to safeguard themselves from being infected. We have already rolled-out precautionary measures to showcase their flats, which includes obtaining travel history declarations, and ramping up cleaning frequency inside the offices. We have also issued advisories to the Owners Associations and Offices to safeguard themselves from COVID 19. In these times of universal calamity, we as an industry should stand together in solidarity and fight this war. It’s time for us to stand by our customers, vendors, staff and particularly our site workers who need us the most.”

Adding to this Mr. Ch. Ramchandra Reddy, President, CREDAI Telangana said, “We would request everyone to take all steps to safeguard everyone around them. Let us follow the appeal made by the Prime Minister and Chief Minister to make it success in the fight against COVID 19. Please self-quarantine yourself if you or your family members exhibit any symptoms to control this pandemic.”