The Ganesh Chaturthi Food special with Bangalore-based Sprink.Online

The Ganesh Chaturthi Food special with Bangalore-based Sprink.Online
The Ganesh Chaturthi Food special with Bangalore-based Sprink.Online

The Ganesh Chaturthi Food special with Bangalore-based Sprink.Online

The most exciting thing about festivals is the food that we get to eat. During this year's event of Ganesh Chaturthi,, the subscription based platform for homely meals have come up with varieties of South Indian and North Indian special meals. Same as Ganesha, countless people are obstinate foodies too. And it is only right that we treat our family and ourselves with some food. Moreover, This year, due to the unprecedented pandemic, we will miss the normal zeal and enthusiasm of the Ganesh Chaturthi celebration. But no need to worry. You can still enjoy the festivities virtually and feast on some mouth-watering delights while staying at home. Sprink.Online has come up with the meals that are a must-try and cost-effective for everyone on the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi:

Ganesh Chaturthi Special South Indian Lunch
Imagine a complete feast wrapped in a meal. Surrounded by an eye-popping food variety with a dignified quantity, south lunch easily contains delicious collection of dishes, including PuranPuri (2Pcs), HitkuAvarekaluSagu, Black ChannaSundal, Coconut Rice, Murkku (1Pcs),Bele Carrot Kosambari, Karjikai, Peanut Pachadi. You get to experience full glory for festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi through this exciting meal.

Ganesh Chaturthi Special South Indian Dinner

Focus on the celebrations and skip the cooking. You can relax after a boisterous day schedule to enjoy a healthful meal with family or associates. If your thought of a healthy meal is making that special effort to discover exotic recipes and stir up a lip-smacking feast, then trying different foods must be welcomed this festive season of Ganesh Chaturthi. Make your dinner more special with sprink's south dinner menu including PalakPuri(2Pcs), KadleAlooGassi, Beans poriyal, Puliyogre, Murkku 1Pcs), Bele Cucumber Kosambari, Chocolate Modak, Raitha

Ganesh Chaturthi Special North Indian Lunch
Ganesh Chaturthi is just over the nook, and if you're missing the North Indian touch to your ganesh special cooking, then it's the time to take pleasure in some festive enthusiasm along with your family and friends and book a special offering from Ganesh Chaturthi exclusive meal, ie.budget-friendly, homely and will finally make you stop missing home. North Indian Lunch from Sprink that includes everyone's favoritePuranPuri(2Pcs), Lobia Curry, AlooMethisabji, Green Moong &Toor Dal, Masala Bhaat, Raita, Karanji sweet, Butter Chakli

Ganesh Chaturthi Special North Indian Dinner

Enjoy the festivities to the fullest with Sprink's North Dinner includes PalakPuri(2Pcs), Green Peas Curry, Aloo, TamatarSabji, Plain Kadi, Steamed Rice, SabudanaVada (1 pc), Chocolate Modak, Butter Chakli

So, what are you waiting for? If you're in Bangalore, start planning and pre-order your festive meal now from Sprink -