Legrand India launches a new range of wiring devices

Legrand India launches a new range of wiring devices

• A modern range of wiring devices for the modern home

• A Range to complement the consumers functional and aesthetic needs

Hyderabad, 26th, July,2019: Legrand, a global leader in the electrical and digital building infrastructure introduces a new innovative range of wiring devices, Lyncus. The new range of devices is a perfect combination of looks and technology. A sleek minimalist look is perfectly in sync with the technology that sets the Lyncus range apart.

The Lyncus range of wiring devices combines versatility and global vision and is an innovative answer to the increasingly complex requirement of the market, all over the world. The Lyncus range extends from touch-enabled switches, regulators, dimmers, plug free USB and wireless induction charger.

The timeless design of Lyncus range features hi-tech yet minimalist aesthetics. It is unique rocker design, inspired by the bold lines of a modern sports car and the plate design in sync with the contemporary gadgets.

The Mechanisms Finishes are available in two colors - White and Chic Grey while the Plate Finishes are available in six international colors – Alu Sunset, Matt Silver, Champagne, Chic Grey, White and Brushed. It offers a rich choice of finishes that are innovative, refined, modern, classical and contemporary.

Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Sameer Saxena, Director- Marketing, Legrand (Group)India said, “Listening to our consumers and blending advancement seamlessly into the product fabric is the backbone on which Legrand is built globally. Innovation is the cornerstone for our foundation, and traces of this will be seen across all our products. He further added, “Our Lyncus range of wiring devices is targeted to the standard segment. This segment is growing and there is a market demand for more products in this range, which is affordable yet more feature rich. With products that are digitally advanced, Legrand India aims to address the growing demands, style, strength, efficiency as well as digitalization. Our aim has been making products more accessible to the end consumers.”

Legrand is world’s leading electrical and digital building solution provider company with global turnover of 5.5 billion Euros. Company enjoys leadership in premium wiring devices as well as MCBs in Indian market. This leadership and strong understanding of the Indian market and the

leverage of Group legacy, Legrand India introduced an ACB range designed in India, for India. Through this launch, Legrand India is well poised to further strengthen its hold in the power business.