A special screening of the movie, Kanaa (Dream) for PUTHRI scholars

A special screening of the movie, Kanaa (Dream) for PUTHRI scholars
A special screening of the movie, Kanaa (Dream) for PUTHRI scholars

Today Dream to Win; A special screening of the movie, Kanaa (Dream) for PUTHRI scholars serves as an intense motivational training session for young girls to dream big

Chennai, 8th January, 2019: “You have to dream, before your dream comes true”, those were the words of Late Dr APJ Kalam, former President of India, the most inspiring leader of our times. In line with this powerful truth, young girl students who are part of the PUTHRI initiative, were urged to dream big.

“Do not get subjugated by the pressures of both family and society. Unless, there is a “kanaa” in your eyes, you will not be able to set a vision for your future”, said lyricist-writer-actor-turned Director of the movie “Kanaa”, Mr. Arunraja Kamaraj, while addressing 200 PUTHRI scholars at the PVR Cinemas, Grand Galada Mall in Pallavaram today. A special screening of the show for 200 young girl students from a number of Corporation and Government schools in the nearby area was organised jointly by AVTAR HUMAN CAPITAL TRUST (Creators of Project PUTHRI) and Sivakarthikeyan Productions (Producers of the movie Kanaa).

“In today’s competitive world, it is not enough to be career-oriented, but it is also important to showcase your special talent that you have to the outside world. For which, you need to have that “kanaa” in your eyes”, Mr Arunraja added.

The movie, Kanaa produced by the actor Sivakarthikeyan, follows the dream of a young girl from a not-so-privileged part of the society, in becoming a cricketer and help the country win in order to make her father proud. The audience of girls from nearby schools, many of whom had never visited a mall before in their lives, were absolutely delighted and excited to watch the movie on a big screen inside a Multiplex. Not only did the girls enjoy the movie with a snack box, but they also got to hear from thought provoking leaders who drove the message of Kanaa.

Quoting a dialogue from the film, Dr Saundarya Rajesh, Managing Trustee of AVTAR Human Capital Trust, said that the quality of "Obstinacy" is actually a positive quality that later transforms into Intentionality. “In order to show your intentionality in pursuing the career of your choice, sometimes you have to be obstinate and persistent. When your parents realize how serious you are about this and also willing to work hard, they will surely support your dreams,” she said.

“One of the most important things today is to always aspire for more. Because aspirations are the foundation of dreams. Do not let circumstances define your dreams. Think creatively and dream big and make that dream a reality,” said Mr Umasanker Kandaswamy, Trustee of AVTAR Human Capital Trust in his inspirational speech to the young scholars. Dream to make it big, the core message of the latest movie, Kanaa, produced by the actor Sivakarthikeyan was taken to the grassroots where there is a huge talent pool that is waiting to be tapped to shape the future of India’s economy.