Toddy Tales

Toddy Tales

Toddy Tales at Ente Keralam

Ente Keralam to recreate the magic of the backwaters

Ente Keralam is hosting the ‘Toddy Tales’ festival across its outlets at Poes Garden, Anna Nagar, MRC Nagar in Chennai until 16th February 2014. The festival will feature fresh cook from the backwaters at the Ente Keralam restaurants bringing in the enchanting flavours of Kerala that boasts of the exceptional coastal cuisine. Ente Keralam’s seasoned Chef Prasad will recreate the magic of the backwaters with the rare and unexplored delicacies from the popular toddy shops or native alcohol.

To retain the original flavours, the backwater catch is cooked in a traditional method in earthenware which is set to bring out special flavours to the dishes. Ente Keralam pays tribute to Kerala’s backwaters cuisine which is marked by delicious, fiery curries prepared with the freshest seafood and meat delicacies that complements the toddy shops that form a part of the beautiful landscape of Kerala.

The dishes on the festival menu will feature some of the exotic seafood delicacies like Chempally fry (Fish from the backwaters fried with spicy masala), Konju kurumulagittu porichathu (prawns marinated and deep fried with special spices from Ente Keralam. A speciality of the region) Kalanchy curry (Kalanchy fish cooked in a spicy tamarind based gravy).

The other dishes in the menu include Chiratta puttu (Puttu made inside a coconut shell instead of the regular cylindrical mould), Njandu roast (crab with shell cooked in a roasted onion and spices), Mutton lever fry (a dry preparation made with lamb liver) and more.

Visit Ente Keralam to enjoy a lavish meal. The festival is on at all three Ente Keralam outlets at Poes Garden, MRC Nagar and Anna Nagar until 16th February 2013.

For more details, please contact Ente Keralam, Poes Garden 32216591, MRC Nagar 32216589 and Anna Nagar 32216590.

Key points:

Average meal for 2: 800 - 900

Available for Lunch and dinner: Yes

Restaurant timing: 12:00 pm – 3:30 pm ; 7:00 pm – 11.00 pm