The Journey of Body | Mind | Soul with Grand Master Akshar

The Journey of Body | Mind | Soul with Grand Master Akshar

February 2019: Grand Master Akshar, an internationally acclaimed Spiritual Guru and Visionary organized a one of a kind and also largest Wheel Workout event in India today at the JW Marriot, Bangalore. With nearly 500 participants, the event constituted a multitude of yoga workshops and enlightening, discussion sessions with the participants.

The daylong event hosted engaging and educational sessions which included a yoga workshop – Yoga with Grand Master Akshar where practitioners participated in a healthy ride with Grand Master, through a series of movements on the Akshar Yoga Wheel. In the second session – Teacher Training Certification Ceremony, over 50 Akshar Yoga graduating teachers of Power Yoga, Akshar Yoga Wheel and AY Aerial Yoga received certificates. This was followed by “Mind Mastery”, a session on topics such as psychology, health & wellness, Yoga and the Arts etc. Lastly, a heavenly kirtan session with The Mayapuris aptly titled, Spiritual Trance, where everyone threw their heart and soul into chanting the divine name and experienced rhythmic ecstasy. The event successfully inspired participants on various wellness modules touching their daily lives.

The sessions were hosted with an intent to give back to the society through the benefits and new forms of Yoga that one can experience and simple techniques for a healthier, happier life.

 “Although the wheel as a prop has been available for many years, knowledge on its appropriate use and benefits were unavailable. After 2 years of familiarizing people with the wheel yoga practice and benefits, a larger population of yoga practitioners and health enthusiasts alike, are now enjoying their yoga journey accompanied by their Yoga Wheel.” said Grand Master Akshar, Founder&Chairman, Akshar Yoga while sharing his views.

 Yoga with Grand Master Akshar left a lasting impression on the participants eying to gain meaningful insight on Yoga, Spirituality, Health or Wellness.. More information regarding Yoga with Grand Master Akshar can be attained via visiting