'The Flavours of Tamil Nadu' Food Festival @ Maplai

'The Flavours of Tamil Nadu' Food Festival @ Maplai
The Flavours of Tamil Nadu Food Festival at Maplai

'The Flavours of Tamil Nadu' Food Festival @ Maplai - Till end of August

Varuga varuga, Maplaiku varuga. That is how you are greeted when you visit Maplai for the “Flavours of Tamil Nadu Festival” at their ECR and Nungambakkam outlets. The Flavours of Tamil Nadu is a tribute to the deep belief that serving food to others is a service to humanity.

The specially curated menu has a variety of flavours which take you on a journey around Tamil Nadu. Be it spice, crunch or tanginess, it has it all.

The menu has, the Naatu Kozhi Egg Drop Soup, which is spicy and the balancing act is done by the egg dropped in it.

The all time favourite Tanjavur Kair Katti Gola is definitely part of the Tamil Nadu Festival’s repotoire. “Each gola is made using tender lamb’s meat. Boiled and meticulously shredded by hand, the meat is mixed with shallots and high quality, freshly pound masalas,” Chef Koushik explains.

The Chepankizhangu Roast, satiates that crunch craving while keeping the spice mild, so you enjoy the taste of crunch and flavour together.

The Kokkarakko Lollipop, whose recipe was got from South Tamil Nadu are lollipops that are batter fried and tossed in a spicy masala. If you are looking for succulent morsels of lamb in a masala, Maplai’s Mutton chukka is the dish for you. The meat is sourced from Erode, famous for meaty textures. Nothing can match it in taste and tenderness.

Have you ever tried crab without the hassle? Then Maplai Masala Nandu is the dish. The crab meat is removed and tossed in spicy masala and coconut slivers. The Vanjaram Fry, is made to you liking, either deep fried or tava fried. The masala that it is covered in is simple but flavourful.

If you are stepping in for lunch, their thalis are in typical Tamil Nadu style, where the sambar, rasam and poriyal change every day and it is absolutely fulfilling.

For people who are looking for buffets, Maplai has the Table Top Buffet. For over 50 items and fully unlimited, it costs 899+taxes and it is available only on prior booking and from Monday to Thursday. Needless to say, the rest of the menu is always available.

Drop in and dwell into the Flavours of Tamil Nadu.

A meal for 2 costs around 800+Taxes.

Maplai Savour South India’s outlets:

14 Sterling Road, Nungambakkam. Phone: Phone: 28250000 / 28260000

No. 145, East Coast Road, Neelankarai ,+91 44 24494445/ +91 9884641111.


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The Flavours of Tamil Nadu Food Festival at Maplai