Swaraj Abhiyan to launch political party by October 2

Swaraj Abhiyan to launch political party by October 2
Swaraj Abhiyan to launch political party by October 2

NEW DELHI: Swaraj Abhiyan would launch a political party by October 2 to provide alternate politics, co-founder Yogendra Yadav announced on Sunday.

A six-member committee, of which Yadav is also a member, has been formed to finalise the process of party formation. Ajit Jha, an old time aide of Yadav, has been made its convener.

Speaking at the conclusion of Abhiyan's two-day national conclave here, Yadav said that they had learnt from the past mistakes and would ensure that the new party should not go the Aam Aadmi Party's way.

"We had decided to work on three levels at the time of formation of Swaraj Abhiyan. One, to build the organisation on democratic principles, secondly to launch nationwide campaigns on serious issues facing the nation, and thirdly to ensure transparency and accountability.

"The meaning for making a political party is to bring the energy of truth and honesty on one platform. It will be a platform for alternate politics," Yadav said.

Professor Anand Kumar was elected the national convenor of Swaraj Abhiyan.

Earlier, Abhiyan's mentor and senior advocate Shanti Bhushan took potshots at Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, saying he had made the AAP a one-man party.

"Four years ago we had seen a dream of founding a platform for alternate politics and formed AAP at this very place. But Arvind has made it a one-man show," he said, adding Kejriwal was doing little in terms of governance and was only busy levelling allegations against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

"He has no government department with him. How would he justify his salary?" Bhushan said as he cracked some jokes targeting Kejriwal doing rounds on social media.

Bhushan said that the new party to be formed by Swaraj Abhiyan should have a federal structure.

"The state party units should be able to decide who would be their candidates in that state's elections. There should be no central high command," he said as he reminded the party activists that alternate politics is not about thinking of oneself but of the nation.

Swaraj Abhiyan to launch political party by October 2