Sri Vedantha Desikan 750th Thirunakshatra Mahotsavam

Sri Vedantha Desikan 750th Thirunakshatra Mahotsavam
Sri Vedantha Desikan 750th Thirunakshatra Mahotsavam

Srirangam Trichy, 23 January 2018, Sri Vedanta Desikan, the famous philosopher and Guru is one of the most brilliant stalwarts of Indian soil. Being a celebrated poet and master of all schools of Indian philosophy, he has more than hundred works to his credit. His works are taken for syllabus in Sanskrit universities and studied in traditional Sanskrit patasalas. Considered as the incarnation of Lord Sri Venkateswara himself, as mentioned in Sri Venkatesa Sthala Puranam, he could enjoy superhuman powers to establish Vaishnavism and spread commonness in all. He wrote 1008 slokas on the Paduka (Lotus Feet of Lord Ranganatha) in a single night viz. PADUKA SAHASHRAM , by which he could win the title of “Kavitharkika Simham”.

His 750th Birth Anniversary falls during September 2018. Devotees and scholars feel it necessary to celebrate the 750th year of this great guru (2017-2018) in a befitting manner. RAMANUJADAYA, a group of devotees, formed to celebrate Sri Ramanuja?s 1000th year, last year takes this responsibility, as Sri Desikan himself is conferred as “RAMANUJA DAYA PATRAM” (subject of Ramanuja?s mercy).

It is proposed to release a book titled “AARANA DESIKANIN ARTHAMULLLA VAISHNAVAM” (Meaningful Vaishnavism of Sri Desikan) in Tamil. This is to propagate the practice of vaishnavism and its purpose as mentioned in the works of Sri Desikan, especially for the benefit of emerging younger generation.

 Last year, the Ramanujadaya group was able to successfully conduct three great programmes

1. Released a wonderful work of 100 articles covering various topics of Ramanuja?s philosophy and that was well received in the society.

2. Upanyasam on SRIMADRAMAYANAM in sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple, Kanchi.

3. Programme on "THIRU AARAAYIRAPPADI? conducted and the recordings were released in CD form for the enjoyment of devotees all over the world.

We hope that this book, “AARANA DESIKANIN ARTHAMULLLA VAISHNAVAM” on Sri Desika?s contribution will serve as a continuity of that earlier service, since Sri Desikan himself is considered as the successor of Sri Ramanuja, a great Philosopher and guru.

We are also take pleasure and feel blessed in inviting and requesting Hon. Governor of Andhra Pradesh to release the book in the function to be held.


Day - 27/28th January, 2018. (As per the order of Hon. Governor)

Venue - Sri Ahobila Mutt, Srirangam.

Programme - Releasing the book “ARANA DESIKANIN ARTHAMULLA VAISHNAVAM? in Tamil.

Connected Programme –


* Conducting Upanyasams by great pundits for three days (26-01-18 to 28-01-18) in the venue and presenting them in website.

* Rendering Desika?s works in music.

* Planning to conduct such programme in North India also since Sri Desikan had performed Mangalasasanam in many
holy places of this Bharatha Desam.


Sri Vedantha Desikan 750th Thirunakshatra Mahotsavam