Singer Soumita Saha goes Out of the Blue this Valentine's Day

Singer Soumita Saha goes Out of the Blue this Valentine's Day

While the season of love blooming, the world is breathing in and breathing out love. People getting lost in the ocean of love is not an understatement these days. Here is someone trying to take you out of the Blue Ocean.

Famed Singing Sensation and Ishq girl Soumita Saha has come up with a romantic number "Out of the Blue", as a novel effort to celebrate the season of love. Technically, it's a dubbed version of Debbie Gibson’s ‘Out of the Blue’, which was a mega hit in 1980s. The young singer has endeavoured to recreate the magic on the wavelengths of millennials. The song has been launched on various music and video platforms including Youtube and can be viewed at below URL.

"I may run out of words if I try to express my love for 1980s pop. I believe that Valentine’s Day is the best time to convey my fondness for love via this song first from Debbie Gibson first released in 1987, almost 6 years before I was born", says Soumita. 

"People say Love knows no boundaries, but I don't agree. Music is a perennial boundary which every lover knows and respects too. For a singer like me, the best tribute to love would be to decorate it with a pearl of music", she adds.

Soumita has her rendezvous with love and music regularly. Last year too, she dedicated a special song Ishq to the lovers, on the occasion of Valentine's Day. Ishq was released in many countries including United States, Russia and India and was widely appreciated by media and music lovers alike. She is also known for being vocal on several social issues, primarily focusing on Women related issues.

She recently made her film debut, with the launch of the music of Bengali film "O my Love".