Savour Vegetarianism to enjoy a healthy life

Savour Vegetarianism to enjoy a healthy life
Savour Vegetarianism to enjoy a healthy life

~ A herb a day’ to live healthy way ~

~ On the occasion of International Vegetarian Week, Semparuthi Restaurant celebrates vegetarianism ~

~ Semparuthi Restaurant – the unique restaurant that offers food with medicinal value ~

Chennai, September, 2016: Do you know how a ‘Curry leaf’ that is added to our daily food for aroma helps a man? How a few leaves of ‘Tulasi’ to the tea helps? Similarly ‘Mudakkathan’, ‘Vallarai’ ‘Thoothuvalai’ ‘Mint’ ‘KarpooraValli’ and other easily available herbs helps one to lead a healthy life?

Today’s hectic lifestyle which promotes junk food consumption and glorifies a culture which thrives on high calorific food, we hardly get to see an occasion to relish the many traditional recipes which promotes ‘food itself as medicine’. On the occasion of International Vegetarian week that falls between October 1 – 7 every year and with an aim for a common man to lead better life ‘Semparuthi’ restaurant invites all the health conscious people to celebrate vegetarianism with its new and tasty menu which promote ‘food as medicine’.

Semparuthi restaurant with its uniqueness of offering only vegetarian food with medicinal value and the recipes that follows the tradition with a contemporary twist for the health conscious food lover.   Some of its specialty variety on offer are “Mudakkathaan Dosai’, ‘Thoothuvalai Chutney’, ‘Amla rice’, ‘Vallarai Chutney’ ‘Banana flower vada’, ‘Tulasi tea’, ‘Hibiscus Juice’ and ‘Amla Juice’.

Quoting the reports Jonus Sterbi Bellgin, Founder, Semparuthi Restaurant said that “There are a variety of features that make vegetarian diet the preferred choice of food.  One such reason is the rich medicinal properties that most of the traditional recipes possess.  Semparuthi promotes a holistic approach to life by incorporating the very essence of living in ‘the every-day food’ which is the medicine itself.  A long healthy life is what we want everyone to enjoy and this is a small step towards that”.

He also added that “everyone should inculcate the habit of including these kind of food to their diet daily. If one could not able to prepare then we are here to serve”

Restaurant address: Semparuthi Natural Restaurant, Near WCF Hospital,

20 North Usman Road, T. Nagar, Chennai – 17.

Ph.: 9551486617

Savour Vegetarianism to enjoy a healthy life